Thesis: Sentence Construction in Papers

Every sentence in your Thesis is vital.
Each and every word you write must be a coherent and logical text that clearly explains what your paper is about.
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The very first sentence of your paper is the one that will engage your reader and should tell him/her what your paper is about.
You can always ask your colleagues or supervisor for help in constructing this very important first sentence.

If you intend to write an effective research paper, it must be stressed that there’s an extra advantage to be gained from starting your paper with your outline.
If you begin your paper with your outline, there should be little difficulty in constructing the main first sentence.
Just remember the headings you previously created for each part of the paper and review them.
If they are too long – or too short – revise them.

Your main sentence will grab the reader’s attention and give him/her opportunity to understand the intent of the piece.
You can use your main sentence at various places throughout the paper as this should focus your reader as to the main issue.

Your main sentence must be interesting, accurate but also limited because you want your reader to read the whole paper and not just your first line.
Your entire point should unfold as your paper progresses until ultimately you put your conclusion.

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A Thesis sentence must form part of every paper, but you don’t need to repeat it in every section of the piece.
Although repetition helps to focus the reader as to the point, overuse will just serve to ruin the flow.
Above all, make sure it is interesting enough to engage your reader and make them want to read your whole paper.

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