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Some writers wake up in the middle of the night when the full moon is shining and start writing, which resembles some lunatic inspiration, where moonlit muses start dancing all around you. Some writers admire the morning Aurora, and they wake up with the dawn, which fills their minds with the most fascinating ideas. Other writers indulge in sunsets, and can create the most amazing stories when the evening with its warm light comes. It seems when this pencraft genius is inside you, you will never be in a situation, searching for the right things to write about. However, the truth is, inspiration crisis can suddenly emerge even in your bright head.

What kind of writer are you? You may have your own means of inspiration that keep your brain revitalized and make all words that come from your mouth – mellifluous fables. Anyway, if you are going through the most annoying writer’s block right now despite being able to express an eloquent flow of thoughts during the most inspiring hours, you are lucky to be reading this article. We have collected the experience of various knights of the pen, predominantly literature authors, to help you get your inspiration back.

So, dear bloggers, striving fiction writers, content creators, journalists, and poets, the following tips related to fiction writing are for you!

Nothing Trains Your Brain Better than a Well-crafted Fiction

The perk of our writing advice consists in starting from the most complex creative technique – composing fiction.

  • Music makes your fantasy whirl

You are lucky if you are a melomaniac, who mentally wanders through dimensions of versatile music genres. Your diverse and elaborate music taste contributes to your imagination development; it happens subconsciously, but when you realize it, it is beneficial to train your “mind’s eye”, especially if you are keen on writing. Have you ever noticed that people born in families of musicians, especially classical ones, always sound much more eloquent than an average person? Yes, the honors should be given to excellent music patterns their brains absorb, influencing more creative and verbal expressions. So how should you amalgamate your music passion and creativity? What are things to write about when listening to melodious oeuvres? Start with Mozart, Bach, Haydn, and any other classical composer. Afterwards, switch to rock music, then to jazz, and some avant-garde, simultaneously paying attention to the way your thoughts alter under the influence of various genres. Moreover, you can listen to a song with lyrics, trying to lengthen its storyline, as the song will leave only hints and minor details about a story, but you can fantasize its continuation. 

  • Dive into your childhood, searching for brightest memories.

Childhood is the most fantastical stage of your life, when you live on the verge of reality and your personal fairy tales. Unsurprisingly, many people gain the ability to think creatively during this remarkable phase that incredibly flexibly adjusts to everything make-believe. Perhaps, you have been a little poet in your childhood, but “serious” adult life loosely based on realism somehow closed that door to fantasies. But wait, if we are talking about writing inspiration and you are reading this, then you obviously remember all those fairy realms you used to create. The secret of almost every author is that he or she never rejects “an inner child”, leaving this sunshiny and dreamy alter ego as the major inspirer for fanciful writings.

  • Turn a usual passerby into a mysterious figure

Among other fictional things to write about may be an enticing transformation of your acquaintance or a sudden passerby into a charismatic character. Think about a person you have met that was somehow different from the others. Fantasize about his or her atypical daily routine or bizarre habit. Perhaps, a woman that lives in the old house is not the one she pretends to be. Perhaps, an ordinary teacher can be a scientist, discovering the strangest substances of the universe, or a detective, solving murder mysteries. The scope of imagination depends on your own limitations and writing intentions.

  • If you were an animal…

You may often look at your dog, your cat, or parrot, asking yourself, “Do they have thoughts that can be expressed similarly to humans?” Stories about intelligent and thinking animals are not rare, but there are not so many stories when a person turns into an animal. Imagine that you were a human being but you woke up, realizing that you turned into a wolf and now you have to adjust to this animal’s lifestyle simultaneously keeping your human awareness. Will you choose to live in your apartment or escape to the wilderness?

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Interesting Things to Write About for Ingenious Blogging

There is a paradox of the Information Age – we have all the resources in the world, but we often fail to use them properly. In fact, for creative matters, we do not need much material produced by others.

Do not rely on the Internet too much

The primary mistake of every beginner is surfing the Internet, seeking hints about best things to write about. Yes, Google has many useful suggestions, but it will likely fill your mind with second thoughts that were processed and rewritten by others. The most useful web of ideas may sound old-fashioned – but this is the factual library – any traditional hall or chamber filled with books you can find, even your home one. Yet, it is more favorable to read masterpieces of literature before immersing in your own fiction. Keep in mind, when you write – every book must be closed to avoid plagiarism and imitation.

  • May readers be your leaders

While random Internet topics may only hinder your creative process, online communication with the reading public on bookish and pencraft matters may be your main triggers of inspiration. Avid readers can provide you with a flabbergasting list of things to write about. Sometimes, their help is incredibly selfless. Many novices started their fictional stories successfully owing to a meaningful bibliophilic advice.

  • Fantasize about neuro-smart social media

We all use social media and it even seems that those networks control our lives – which is, of course, negative. Anyway, you may go beyond the episodes of “Black mirror”, inventing your own dystopias about the dangerously smart AIs controlling trendy social networks.

  • Alternative thoughts are your friends

While it is advantageous to generate keywords for good ranking of your blog articles, do not overuse SEO elements, as it may make your compositions less thought-provoking and flamboyant. Despite existing in the world of recurring ideas and stereotypes, it is possible to come up with alternative opinions even to the common phenomena. New-fangled approaches and original thinking are always valued. While you cannot protect yourself against conventional criticism, the creative community will highly support your personal counterrevolution of concepts.

What are some things to write about when your purpose is to inspire, motivate, and enlighten your readers? Check our smartly crafted list.

Enticing Topics to Conquer Your Muse’s Slumber

  1. Even realistic abilities can become your superpowers.
  2. How my painting transformed world perception of the grumpiest man I have ever met.
  3. How my sad love story made me a poet.
  4. The most meaningful ideas and secrets of life can be found in fiction more often than in motivational literature.
  5. How birds that sing around me inspire me to create free jazz.
  6. I happen to be the protagonist of the unusual love story.
  7. A month in isolation. How living alone taught me the essential things.
  8. Traveling through time and space to change the meaning of one holiday.
  9. The mysteries of expressionist writers of the 19th century.
  10. To be a genuine artist, you should be able to see shades and hear sounds that others do not consider existing.
  11. The joys of sorrows of a whimsical mind.
  12. Why it is complicated to be more dreamlike and sensitive than others.
  13. When I realized that my dreams are more meaningful than my life.
  14. How procrastination made me a genius.
  15. Can thoughts have smells, shades, and sounds?
  16. Imagine that your smartphone talks to you when you overuse social media. What would it say?
  17. Each person has a dark alter ego. Unveiling your inner “Hyde”.
  18. More than Alice. The strangest tea party that you organized.
  19. “I do not disclose my true thoughts when talking to people” – can it be said about you?
  20. How to prove that mermaids and unicorns are as real as religious heroes.
  21. Imagine a Victorian-themed talk show. Which people of this epoch would you invite to be your guests?
  22. The secret corner of the town I grew up in.
  23. Write a fictional story about souls traveling through the universe, visiting different planets.
  24. Imagine you received a letter from yourself in the past.
  25. Why the color purple is the most mystical one.
  26. Why working after midnight is the most fruitful for some people. 
  27. Why good deeds are interrelated with evil deeds.
  28. Imagine a year-long quarantine. People cannot leave their houses at all. What will happen to the world?
  29. The unbelievable natural disaster that makes the Earth less contaminated.
  30. Alternative classes of the future. Students inside the utopian society.
  31. Spiritual matters can be proved by science.
  32. Religion and science as one unity would make the world a better place.
  33. Have you ever imagined yourself in a romantic relationship with a fictional character?
  34. How I sensed that E. T. A. Hoffmann is the “spiritual father” of my creativity.
  35. How I became my own frenemy by helping others.
  36. Why are some old things more valuable than new ones?
  37. When OCD made me memorize things better.
  38. “Evil creatures will not find me if I close my eyes” – have you thought like this in childhood?
  39. Mind-boggling books that made me question my own reality.
  40. The story of my own existentialism.

Hopefully, now you are enlightened on the spirit-stirring things to write about and the initiation of your inner writer will begin this very moment!

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