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Best 10 Data Structures and Algorithms Book

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We would like to recommend you top 10 data structures and algorithms books that will shed you light on learning the fundamentals of algorithms and data structure. The books presented below have been selected based on their role and influence on one's process of learning and acquiring knowledge regarding data structures. These books compose a compilation of the best sources that proved to be advantageous for different people. These books do not appear in the priority of their rating - they are all different and they influence learners in various ways depending on what exactly they specialize in. However, what is most important about these books is that they, unlike numerous free online sources, investigate the concepts and ideas in detail and provide understandable and comprehensible discussion of specific topics. Moreover, the authors of the books refer to experts' opinions and credible research in their claims and arguments. A great asset about these books is that they provide perfectly structured information without deviating from the topic.

Feel Free to Use the Data Structures and Algorithms Books Below

  1. Data Structured and Algorithms Made EasyData Structured and Algorithms Made Easy written by Narasimha Karumanchi

The book provides a clear explanation of how the algorithm concepts and data structures function with the source code. As such, the book makes it easier for students and beginners to understand the core concepts and test the C/ C++ compiler. There is another book related to Java programming if students are interested in using Java. This book is entitled Data Structures and Algorithms Made Easy in Java. This book covers the information in 21 chapters, particularly it deals with such algorithm design techniques, string algorithms, queues, linked lists, recursion and backtracking, priority queue and heaps, stacks, etc. Further, the author explains each problem encountered in Java programming by focusing on numerous approaches to its solution.

  1. Data Structures and Algorithms in JavaData Structures and Algorithms in Java written by Robert Lafore

This book is most suitable and appropriate for students acquiring the basics of algorithms and data structures. The author provides clear and concise explanation of the concepts related to Java functions and coding. Besides, each chapter has a list of proposed solutions to the challenges and problems faced when programming specific projects. The book can be used by Java learners who are just planning to learn how to program or who want to gain deeper understanding in the fundamental concepts of Java programming. On the whole, the book covers such issues as sorting, queues, trees, linked tests, arrays, hash tables, stacks, recursion, heaps, and searching.

  1. The Algorithm Design ManualThe Algorithm Design Manual written by Steven Skiena

The book deals with the core concepts and terms connected to Pseudocode, which can be translated into any programming language with ease. Moreover, this is one of the best algorithms books that can assist one in the process of preparation for the programming interview. It is even recommended by Google to use this book for the interview preparation. Further, it is considered to be the best book for data structures and algorithms as it provides records of real cases where the algorithms concepts and data structures were used in war times.

  1. Introduction to AlgorithmsIntroduction to Algorithms written by T. H. Cormen, C. E. Leiserson, R. L. Rivest, and C. Stein

The book investigates in detail multiple algorithms. As such, the book is a perfect source of information and guidelines for programmers of all levels. The book will provide valuable facts for both beginners in programming languages as well as seasoned programmers who are already working in the sphere of IT. The book provides a comprehensive discussion of multiple algorithms that are used nowadays. Particularly, it deals with the number theory, graph theory, computational geography, string matching, and multithreaded algorithms among others. Just like the previously mentioned book on the list, Introduction to Algorithms helps in the process of preparing for an interview in an IT field.

  1. AlgorithmsAlgorithms written by R. Sedgewick and K. Wayne

Algorithms is definitely the best data structures book on algorithms and is currently used in educational establishments in the process of teaching IT. The book focuses on the fundamental computer algorithms that are used in the modern days. It provides information on how the data structures and algorithms may be used for graph processing, sorting, string processing, and searching. The book ensures that even beginners can understand the algorithms and data structures via Java programming language.

  1. Elements of Programming Interviews in Java: The Insiders' GuideElements of Programming Interviews in Java: The Insiders' Guide written by A. Aziz, T.-H. Lee, and A. Prakash

This book will also be an invaluable asset if you need to prepare to an interview for a programming position. There is another edition of such book dealing with C++, so you may use the one most suitable for you. The book is beneficial for students with different levels of programming skills. It provides explanations and solutions for various problems. Besides, the author of the book provides various options depending on one's level of practical skills and overall knowledge of the subject. Moreover, the book offers a list of questions that one may be asked during an interview.

  1. Programming PearlsProgramming Pearls written by J. Bentley

It is one of the classic data structures and algorithms books that contains the pearls of programming. The book deals with bit vectors, correctness of programs, engineering techniques, binary searches, problem-solving techniques, scanning algorithms, merge sort, testing, and other concepts. The book can be used as a comprehensive tutorial that helps one get acquainted with performance analysis. Moreover, the book contains exercises and guidelines concerning C programming language.

  1. Algorithms in CAlgorithms in C written by R. Sedgewick

This book is a helpful resource for students, computer science specialists, and professionals who work in the developing sphere. The book comprises of two parts, where the first one contains the core concepts dealing with data structures and algorithms and the second one pays attention to graphing. The book contains diagrams, tutorials regarding the C code, and 2,000 exercises.

  1. The Art of Computer ProgrammingThe Art of Computer Programming written by D. E. Knuth

The book provides a concise synopsis of multiple kinds of data structures and analyses. The first volume is dedicated to stacks, arrays, mathematical preliminaries, trees, and lists. The second volume relates to the type of algorithms called semi-numerical. The third volume includes a comprehensive and full-fledged study of classical computer techniques used for searching and dividing information.

  1. Hacker's DelightHacker's Delight written by H. S. Warren

The book comprises of multiple programming hacks, namely algorithms tricks, and time-saving techniques that can be of great assistance to programmers in building more efficient and elegant software and apps.

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