Writing a Critical Essay

The purpose of a critical essay is to analyze and evaluate the subject matter.
It’s most often done for literature projects but may also be written on scientific subjects.
It can be daunting to be asked to critique the work of a famous author or poet but it will show that you truly understand your subject only if you provide a good critical essay.

It takes time to practice writing critical essays but once you’ve mastered the technique it becomes easier.
It can be helpful to read examples of such essays and perhaps most especially a literature essay.

You should read the text thoroughly, and several times in order to get a good understanding of the work.
Make notes of points you think are good or bad and also note if you agree with the author’s viewpoint.

When writing essays that call for a critique, you should also analyze the narrative, the presentation and of course the core content.
The good thing about writing about any fiction or poetry is that you cannot give wrong answer; an objective opinion is personal to the individual so your essay won’t be right or wrong.

You can discuss what is good and bad about the essay but you should substantiate your opinion.
You should also be sure that you understand the subject matter and that you can give justified opinions.

Such an argumentative essay shouldn’t necessarily actually criticize the piece; it should merely demonstrate your understanding of it.
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In any critical essay the subject matter will be based on the subjective opinion of the author and again, he/she is not necessarily wrong or right; it’s just an assessment of the work.
While it’s fine to give overall critique, try to understand the psychology behind the writing as well as the sociological implications of the piece.
Critical essay writing is vitally important to expanding our understanding of modern literature.

The critical essay is one of the most difficult for writing.
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