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Writing a dissertation results section

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The results section in a dissertation is a particularly important stage, which requires maximum attention and concentration. While in the previous sections the author introduced and analyzed the topic given, the results section represents the findings. As such, this section includes the measurements taken, surveys conducted, as well as any other data gathered and organized. In general, this section helps the reader understand the theoretical and practical value of work.

The result section serves as the presentation of the materials gathered by providing the readers with the information about the results that the researcher managed to achieve. The result section is straightforward. It does not explain or interpret the data found but rather presentsthese data to the audience. Also, the author should not mention the methods, which helped attain the specific data. The in-depth analysis of methods can be found in the methodology part.

Writing a dissertation results dection: How to start

Before writing a good dissertation results section, you should learn a few effective secrets, which would facilitate this process. First and foremost, the researcher should understand how to organize the information properly. As such, he/she should realize what data are the most important to the overall discussion. Besides, all results should be directly related to the research question. Therefore, it is crucially important to dedicate enough time to sorting out the data and finding the most relevant pieces of information, which could help the reader evaluate the relevance of the research to this particular discipline.

What should be included in dissertation results section

Paradoxically, but overburdening your dissertation with the unnecessary statistics and numbers, you will never get a satisfactory grade. As such, it is your duty as the author to choose the most relevant and important information, which could prove the importance of your research. To make sure you include everything needed, create the list if significant items which you believe will be appropriate in this section. If you feel that some rough information should be included as well, feel free to include it in the appendix.

What is more, the most important task of every researcher is to make this section easy to read. Indeed, there is much information, which can be included in this relatively short section, so the researcher should be very attentive by selecting the material. If this section includes the graphics or statistics, make sure to organize it in such a way that the other information can be built around them. Undoubtedly, this task may be difficult but it is necessary for getting the satisfactory grade.

Besides, adding the subheadings, which could help the reader follow the flow of writer`s ideas is a very good option. Quickly browsing through the paper, the audience will find it easier to understand the author`s primary concern. Usually, the researcher uses subheadings in accordance with using the tables and figures. The result section should contain the most important and meaningful thingsat the very beginning whereas the less meaningful ones should be locatedat the end of the section. The main reason for that is that the audience read the first paragraphs the most attentively. Then, it can get tired and just skip the important information if it is located in the middle or at the end of the paper.

The results section should start with describing the sample along with the size explaining the presenting or excluding certain information. After that, the researcher should include the relevant statistics such as frequency, range, median, mean, etc. Then, the statistical analysis should be included. If you want to insert a qualitative case study, do not forget that it should be backed up with the relevant information such as the quotes that vitally important for discussion.

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Effective tips for writing a dissertation results section 

As it was mentioned above, the writing style in results section should be as simple as possible. The researcher should use the active voice and past tense. However, it is not a big mistake to use a passive voice in the parts, where it is necessary. The researcher can assume that the readers will have the basic understanding of the topic after reading the previous sections, so he should not spend time on explaining the statistics or any other data. However, if the author uses some unusual statistical method, it should be clearly discussed in the methodology section. Although many students are tempted to explain the introductory notes in this section, it is not recommended to do so, since it may negatively influence their grade.

Providing the results of the research, the student should not forget about the appropriate context. The information should be organized in a logical flow. The reader must clearly understand why this information is included in the results section and how it is related to the research question. Also, some students make a big mistake writing a conclusion in the results section. This section should have neither introduction nor conclusion since its main purpose is to present the findings.

As for the other tips, the student should remember that writing a results section is quite a challenging and time-consuming task. Thus, when writing a dissertation, he/she should not wait until the very last moment. Procrastinationis the enemy of the successful student. So, if you want to impress your professor by the professional approach, you should start working on your dissertation once you receive such a task.

Finally yet importantly, when the dissertation is written, do not forget to read it aloud for several times. You may do it in several days, as most probably, this approach will help you to look at the dissertation with a fresh eye. When it comes to proofreading the results section, be sure to check if all results, graphs, and tables are correct and relevant to your research. First, it will enable you to get ready for different questions about the presentation. Second, it will help you to get rid of the grammar mistakes and mechanical errors.

Also, your professor wants you to submit a totally original paper free of plagiarism. If you have some doubts, you can find many plagiarism search engines available online which will help you to check if the dissertation is authentic.

To conclude, writing a results section is not a cup of tea for a vast majority of students. However, there are many secrets, which can make this process easy and comfortable. Follow the steps from our article and impress your professor with incredible quality of your dissertation. Make a smart investment into your future and forget about your academic failures!


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