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Short Essay

Part 1

According to Stace, there is no contradiction in holding to both free will and determinism doctrines. Free actions are activities people carry out voluntarily, while unfree actions are activities that individuals do involuntarily. The free will discussion of the current century tends to be diatribes and mono­logues protecting narrow niche points against a lot of other possible points on free will. This is a component of the indignity in philosophy. Instead of figuring out narrow niches and creating specialized fresh vocabularies of technological terminology, philosophy would be better handled by an attempt to homogenize the jargon applied in the dialectic. The dichotomy of Free Will and Determinism is a diverse subject (Stace, 1957). Philosophers discuss it in respect to significant terms such determinism, libertarianism, and compatibilism. For this essay Stace discusses free will and determinism under compatibilism philosophy. Compatibilism sometimes referred to as “soft” determinism is the logically con­tradictory concept that free will is attuned to determinism.

Stace asserts that free will is a moral determinant and without free will morality cannot exist. Morality is associated with what an individual must and must not do. Without freedom of choice, people is compelled to do what they do and they cannot be held responsible for actions they could not avoid doing (Stace, 957). Some philosophers have denied existence of free will and this could be attributed to incorrectn1ess in definition of the word. They have equated the word to indeterminism. To differentiate the perception of philosophers it is necessary to define act freely and acts not freely. According to Stace, acts freely done are activities whose instant causes are psychological conditions in the agent. While acts not freely done are activities whose instant causes are acts of dealings external to the agent. Read more...

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