Celebrate National Child Health Day

The USA celebrates Child Health Day annually on the first Monday of October since 1929. This holiday is not an official day-off, but schools and agencies implement special programs dedicated to healthy food and proper children physical training on that day. The purpose of the holiday is to make Americans more conscious how important the proper nutrition and training for good and healthier development of a child is.

The Necessity of Holiday

The holiday is celebrated in the USA with great dedication, as there are no happy parents without healthy children. Unfortunately, because of their being busy or lazy contemporary parents often forget and neglect the rules of healthy bringing of their offspring. It is easier to buy sweets and baking, then cook cereals and salad. It is easier to switch on TV cartoons than ride the bikes, have a long walk or just enjoy the weather somewhere in the lawn or in the forest. It is obvious that many diseases and dysfunctions of the human body depend on the lack of enough quantity of fruit and vegetables in the everyday diet and passive lifestyle. Improper nutrition can show its harmful result only in years when it would be too late to change its consequences.

The Importance of Child Welfare

As children are the next generation, their being healthy and strong is important for nowadays adults. America needs confidence in future. Healthy, smart, well- developed in all spheres children are a guarantee of it. Years will pass quickly and it would be their turn to care about the stable economy, provide professional medical services and care about the older generation. Therefore, welfare and good health condition of nowadays children are a top priority of contemporaneity. The celebration of Child Health Day reminds about it.

How to Celebrate Child Health Day

There are many ways for parents and non-parents to celebrate the holiday. If you are a parent than talk with your child about the necessity to eat enough fruit and vegetables every day, teach it core rules of healthy eating when you are not at home, get involved in its active psychical lifestyle. If you are non-parent or are eager to help not only your own children than volunteer for school or local  charity actions, donor money or time for children in hospitals and hospices, spent time with a child who lacks parents love or money from your neighborhood or family.

Children Health Day is an important holiday, which provides everyone with the opportunity to become better and regardful. This holiday emphasizes on the adults’ responsibility for the welfare of future generation and educates about the top rules of proper children nutrition and psychical training.