Celebration of Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is my second favorite holiday after Christmas. And no, do not think that I like it so much, because I like to eat delicious stuff. What makes it truly special is that I can spend some time with my nearest and dearest. You know, after entering college in a neighboring city, I do not have that much opportunity and time to see my family and friends often, so Thanksgiving Day is a perfect chance to celebrate and spend time at home.

The holiday is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. To have more time for rest, many Americans take a day-off the next Friday to make a 4-day weekend, which enables them to visit their relatives and friends who live long distance away from them. It is really important to maintain contact with your close ones, so I really appreciate that we have such a chance.

Do you know why the holiday is called a “Thanksgiving Day?” Well, to clarify this fact, let’s delve deeper into the history of the celebration. The holiday is connected to the arrival of Puritans in 1621 at Massachusetts. They wanted to find a place where they could feel the freedom of practicing religion without being persecuted. However, they encountered severe winter, which took lives of nearly half of them. As a result, they sought help from the neighboring Indians, who, in their turn, taught the Puritans how to plant and grow crops. Consequently, their next harvest that helped them to endure winter inspired them to give thanks for the food they had. In such a way, Thanksgiving Day appeared. It has been celebrated each year since those times and has turned into a national tradition.

Thanksgiving Day means cooking some traditional food, such as roast turkey served with cranberry sauce, potatoes, and bakery, such as pumpkin pie. People believe that this very food was on the tables of Pilgrims back in the old times. Before starting eating, family members say a prayer, giving thanks to Lord for all the blessings they had and for the chance to be united all together for the occasion of this holiday.

My family also celebrates Thanksgiving Day preserving all of its traditions. Usually, we celebrate it at my grandparents’ – my Granny and Mom wake up early to prepare food, while my sister and I help Dad about the house. Later, we go to the kitchen as well to help out. In the evening, we sit at the table full of delicacies and enjoy the festive mood of the holiday.