Cheating and Reporting – Should You or Should not

It is a common knowledge that cheating is widely spread among students in college. Hardly ever, it is possible to learn everything, so it is helpful to take a peek for the information that will save you from failing a test. However, here is a moral obstacle – is this actually good and fair towards other students? If you never cheat and see someone getting better results than you with the help of unfair means, what should you do? The obligations and rights in this situation may differ greatly, but luckily there is an easy way to decide upon it.

Taking Action in Noticing Someone Cheats

College Code Obligations

As a conscious student, you must notice and report all breaches of rules in a class. Should anybody violate the code of college that forbids using any additional material during tests and moreover during exams, you are obliged to tell about this to any college authority. This is what should be done in case of someone’s cheating as it says in college statute. However, here you can ask yourself a question: do you really want to sacrifice your relationship with a person for the sake of right behavior that is constantly violated by others? If you are a person that values good people nothing should be said to anybody about the noticed cheating.

Moral Values

Even though the person may not appeal to you, perhaps you should take no actions to reveal cheating. Maybe in the future, you will be at their place and will have to have a quick peek in a notebook to remind yourself something that you have totally forgotten. Moreover, after reporting about cheating, not only will you make a cheating person upset, but the attitude towards you in a class will definitely become worse.

Feelings and Emotions

Before taking any action, simply put yourself in a cheating person’s place – how would you feel if somebody accused you of cheating on a final exam. You cannot imagine what such person will feel. On the other hand, if you notice and report about cheating, what you will feel at that moment and after this situation. Even though it is your obligations, there are such things as personal values and conscious that will definitely remind about itself for a long period after your action.

Results of Action

Imagine you have reported about cheating – what consequences your actions will lead to?  Your professor is proud of you, the cheater is punished and you are sure that everybody will get what they deserve. This experience will not let anyone else cheat during classes. Your groupmates start to hate you and call you a crud. Depending on what type of personality you are, you will either react on it or simply do not mind. On the other hand, imagine that you have informed nothing about cheating. You have disobeyed the college code and let another person, which has not studied as much as you did to get the same (or even better) mark. However, you can never be sure that nobody will report about you cheating and the consequences of your actions may be serious. So, it is only up to you to decide whether to cheat or not to cheat; to report or not to report.