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Classification Essay Writing

Write a Classification Essay

A classification essay differs from all other types of papers. The secret of successful classification essays is that they are logically and powerfully organized. As you are working on your classification essay, you are expected to be systematic and thorough in your classification decisions. Do not forget that you should not deviate from the essay topic.

How to Begin

If you want to produce a workable classification essay and earn the best grade, remember three principal things. First, consider the classification essay topics you are going to discuss in your paper. Your classification decisions and categories you describe in the paper should all relate to the subject of your paper. Second, make sure that all categories and classes described in your paper are of the same kind. Third, you have to provide rich examples.

Writing an Outline

It is always great to write an outline for classification essays. It is a brief summary of your work. With an outline, you have a better picture of the future paper. Follow it consistently to avoid logical flaws.

Structuring Your Paper

What is a classification essay? It is a paper that is logically and competently structured around the key subject categories.

Begin with an introduction. It must have a clear and argumentative thesis statement. The thesis statement should be one or two sentences long. Its purpose is to present the key theme of your paper and justify your classification of things in the paper. Remember that a successful classification follows the predetermined logical structure. Given that most papers include only three body paragraphs, limit the number of categories, so that you have one per paragraph. For example, you can classify higher education into high school, college, and university.

You cannot learn how to write a classification essay, unless you know how to approach the body of your work. Follow a simple sequence – one category per paragraph. This way, you will describe the first category in the first body paragraph, and so on. You can choose to arrange your categories from the least to the most important. Include as many examples as you can to illustrate your point.

In your conclusion, summarize the categories you have described and restate the thesis statement. Follow the style and format for classification essay writing. Use the citation style requested by your professor. Be thorough and consistent in your judgments. Do not skip from one essay element to another. Include a title page and a list of references. Use double spacing and 1-inch margins on all sides. 

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