Concerning the Improvement of Memorization Skills

The main thing you have to do while being at college is memorization. Some students are lucky because they learn necessary material very quickly and without any problems. Other students find memorizing really tough. They resort to different methods that can accelerate learning new material. In addition, they devote lots of their time to reading their notes million times and don’t achieve the desired results. If you realize that you are one of those people, then I recommend you to read through this post. In this article, I would like to share with you several ways how to improve your memorizing before the next exam.

Prepare early

Don’t procrastinate. Actually, this is the main thing you need to do if you want to memorize more effectively. My personal suggestion concerning hard test is to start doing everything that you planned at least one week beforehand. If you are going to have an easy test, I would recommend to begin your preparation three days earlier. Frankly speaking, the most important steps I do while getting ready for a difficult class is studying my notes, highlighting significant information, creating notecards as soon as class ends. As a result, it helps me to keep study material fresh in my head and not forget essential facts. Moreover, doing this I avoid cramming!


Creating notecards is one of the most effective ways to develop your memorization skills. It was already mentioned above that I like doing this in order to prepare for my tests in a good way. I encourage everyone who needs to learn a great amount of information to try this method. Using this technique, you have questions and answers. So, this is kind of an exam format. Apart from that, you learn information in small manageable parts and don’t get overloaded. Thus, you will not even have to cheat.

Break material into manageable chunks

Cramming is very bad and doesn’t bring positive results. Make an attempt to memorize small pieces of necessary information. This allows you to keep more facts in your memory. Personally, I divide a certain number of notecards depending on how many days before an exam you have. Mostly, it’s five days before a test. Each day, I study a particular number of my notecards and at the same time review them regularly. If you repeat information every day, you will not easily forget it.

Elaborate on key words and phrases 

When you create notecards, keep them accurate and include only relevant and the main information. Very often, all you need is a brief phrase that explains the whole concept or question.

I believe that these useful recommendations will undoubtedly be helpful for you while preparing for an important exam. These things improved my grades in college a lot and they can be good for you too.