History and Significance of the Constitution Day and Citizenship Day

The 17th of September was declared as the Constitution Day and Citizenship Day, and the period from September 17 to 23 was defined as the Constitution Week from 1955 onwards. Many US citizens, both those who were born in the USA and those who accepted citizenship, regardless of nationality and religion celebrate this holiday, although it is not a public day off. This day is significant because, on September 17, 1787, the world's first Constitution was adopted in the United States, signed by Congress delegates from 12 states. This is the first Constitution in the world, clearly defining the rights and freedoms of man as a citizen of his country. Before the adoption of the Constitution, the United States lived under the Articles of Confederation.

Historical Facts about The Constitution Day And Citizenship Day

Features of celebrating this holiday

The first Congress adopted the first 10 amendments to the Constitution, known as the «Bill of Rights», in September 1789, they entered into force in December 1791. In 1940, Congress proclaimed the 3rd Sunday of May as the Day of America, which was later renamed Constitution Day and shifted to September. Interestingly, but the people of America, who celebrated this event on the 3rd Sunday of May, did not change the tradition and continue to feast on that day.

Annually for this holiday, the US Ministry of Education develops methodical guides and recommendations for schoolchildren and students. This day is marked by inspirational speeches about the rights and honorary duties of every citizen. During the Constitution Week, school and college lessons teach about the history of its creation, signing, students read and quote passages from the Constitution. A lot of citizens make donations to charitable foundations.

The significance of this day in the life of every citizen of the USA

The holiday of the Constitution Day and Citizenship Day is of great importance for all citizens of the USA. This document was the first legal instrument in the whole world to protect the rights of ordinary people, the United States of America is the first country which promised to protect every citizen. This is a good reason to be proud to be American. This day is appreciated for its historical significance, but it is also important for the present and the future. Today we remember how the USA was built, how many people survived on the way to creating the Constitution, and at the same time we know that all new residents of America will be here safe, will be able to develop as individuals and be patriots of their new country. The American government is very disposed to the emigrants, because the USA was built by the efforts of people who came from different countries, and now it welcomes the energetic, clever, purposeful people who are ready to change their life and the life of their country. Knowing the history of your country, you can be sure of its good future. Indeed, thanks to such an important day as the as the Constitution Day and Citizenship Day, the United States of America has become such a powerful country.