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Cookie Policy

Services of our company are designed in a way to help customers to get papers they need. However, in the process of our cooperation, we gather some personal data about our clients. This information is used for the purpose of our company only and is not shared to anyone. In order to explain the customers what information is collected and why, we have developed cookie policy.

What does “Cookie” Mean?

Cookies are text files, which are sent by our company to customers’ gadgets or computers when they use our services. These files are unique considering that different customers use various browsers. The files are collected only in the process of customers using their browsers. In addition, some cookies may be removed from PCs automatically, while the others can only be deleted by the browser or the users themselves.

How the Cookies are Used by Our Company

In some cases, cookies are connected to such things as login details, accounts of clients, goods they purchase, etc., while, at some instances, they are not connected to them. Nevertheless, cookies are original files that are collected by our company to make the experience of users using our website better. The other role of cookies is to collect data of specific users to find out more about their preferences. It helps us make better offers to such customers and pay their attention, first of all, to the issues they are interested in. It can be said that cookies help us make communication with the customers more effective.

How do We Use Cookies for Promotion?

Cookies is a useful tool for advertising our services. Alongside with other technological opportunities, cookies help us make better offerings to the target audience. In addition, they help us gather different statistical data, which are important for our services improvement and overall development of the company.

What do We Do if Customers Are Against Using Cookies?

Some customers may be against gathering information by means of cookies. In such cases, they should use settings of their browsers to deal with the issue. Each browser offers a possibility to manage cookies for the visited websites. Here is the list of websites, which allow managing cookies and the links to guidelines, which explain how to do it properly:

  • Internet Explorer (More info HERE)
  • Safari (More info HERE)
  • Google Chrome (More info HERE)
  • Mozilla Firefox (More info HERE)
  • Opera (More info HERE)
  • Android Browser (More info HERE)

In case you are using browser or software different from the ones presented in the list above, you should use the instructions of manufacturer to manage cookies. If you check numerous websites, you may not follow the policies regarding cookies for each of them. As a result, such websites may collect data for determining customers’ preferences and advertise different goods and services using DAA. In addition, the users of gadgets that run on Android have a possibility change their settings and determine themselves whether they want to see the advertisements related to the goods and products they use.

Importance of Cookies

It should be noted that despite collecting some personal data about the customers, cookies play an important role. They help clients receive goods and services they need faster. On the contrary, the customers who restrict the possibility for the webpages to gather cookies are not likely to receive notifications about the services or goods they need.

Other Information about the Role Cookies Play

  • Privacy

We use cookies with the purpose of identifying any scan activity and protecting clients’ personal data.

  • Authorization

If the customers who enter our website do not restrict using cookies, they get information about services they need immediately!

  • Marketing

By the means of using cookies, we organize different marketing campaigns and evaluate how successful they were.

  • Preferences

Cookies help us monitor what language the customers use and offer respective materials.

  • Analysis

Cookie help us analyze whether our website is easy to find for the customers. In addition, they help us improve our services, website interface, etc. to make as user-friendly as possible. Cookies help us customize the interface for different gadgets and make the website easier to navigate.