Crime and Christmas: Best Holiday Episodes

If your holiday spirit is flying high or all these preparations make you sick as a triple Starbucks mocca, you definitely need to spice things up. One of the greatest and let me say safest ways to get your adrenaline rushing is by watching some crime drama.

Dear friend, sit back and let us lift the veil of secrecy to the world of intrigues, murders, and detectives. But don’t tell me I didn’t warn you something may go wrong….

Psych, Season 3, episode 9 “Christmas Joy”

Upon a little flashback all the way to 1987, we find ourselves in the office where Shawn tries to decorate holiday pumpkins with Christmas hats when he is begged to free Santa from jail. Could our detectives say no? When does it take the twist? The moment they realize they’ve been played and dragged into a bigger scheme. Along with some family therapy and a little rom-com motive, this can be a great beginning of your Christmas list.

Bones, Season 3, episode 9 “The Santa in the Slush”

Special Agent Booth: Ahhhhhh! Three days
before Christmas and somebody kills Santa!

What makes it special? This sweet, semi-romantic episode covers the investigation of Santa’s death. Ever heard of “rent-a-Santa” business? Find out what happens if people get a little dirty during holiday time! It has everything you need: blood, bones, reindeer kicking Santa in his bottoms, and of course a pinch of Christmas miracles.

NCIS: New Orleans, Season 2, episode 11 “Blue Christmas”

One of the top reasons for watching this TV series is the music choices, which are so versatile everyone will find something to love. This episode starts with wicked elves in the middle of the burglary-gone-wrong. And while the wrong kid is accused, there is still someone who believes he’s innocent. Watch the team trying to untangle this web of contradictions. A bit of family drama, false charges, fickle friends and a crime to be solved - sounds like a perfect recipe for a good episode.

Crime and Christmas

Castle, Season 5, episode 9 “Secret Santa”

Gates: Lord, I hate the holidays.

Castle: Yet another quality she

has in common with the Grinch. 

If you’ve never watched the story of mystery writer Rick Castle and homicide detective Kate Becket, then you definitely should. This episode starts with a Santa falling from the sky, just to become the beginning of a great investigation bearing both dark secrets from the past, redemption and a magical change in lives of many.

Major Crimes, Season 2, episode 15 “Curve Ball”

Louie Provenza: Heh, nothing says Christmas in LA like a string bikini.

Can you imagine being dragged into investigation during your vacation time? Neither did Louie. A baseball scout was killed and when the team starts an investigation they find out so much more than just a homicide. Why should you bother to watch: it’s classy, filled with emotional depth of great characters and a soulful element of family drama.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Season 14, episode 10 “Presumed Guilty”

Just a little reminder, this whole TV series is kinda sensitive. However, if you feel like nothing can spoil your mood, give this episode a try. An investigation of the fight, where the victim is a priest (ironic enough, we are talking Christmas episodes here). Let’s see if the detectives will find the truth without erupting a great church scandal.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Season 14, episode 11 “The Lost Reindeer”

David Phillips: Grandma may have gotten
run over by a reindeer, but Santa got “sleighed”

I bet you all have seen that meme with a cat in the snow saying “cocaine, so much cocaine.” Well, this episode shows some similar things, whereas here drugs get mixed up with fake snow. Definitely worth watching, as it is both intriguing and somewhat educational. The main motive to watch? Live reindeer! Common, you can’t resist this one!

Okay, no matter what, but I AM including the next episode into this list! I just have to! With an average rating of 9.4 on IMDB, trust me, this is good!

Sherlock, Season 3, episode 3 “His Last Vow”

Sherlock Holmes: Oh, do your research. I'm not a hero,
I'm a high-functioning sociopath. Merry Christmas!

The main motivation to watch? Amazing performance of Lars Mikkelsen as this season’s villain Charles Magnussen. He’s everything a bad gut should be: creepy, scary and smart! You’ll find much more about Mary, will meet Sherlock’s parents and find Sherlock in a crack house. And it’s not even the best part! Moriarty is back! No more spoilers, just watch!

So, this is pretty much it with some series we wanted to share with you before Christmas, wishes you a great holiday season!