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Coursework is one of those tasks that give you shivers even before it is assigned to you. It is caused by the fact that every student knows that this paper requires a huge amount of time, efforts, determination, and boldness to conduct an in-depth research with high precision. Being so demanding, coursework indeed frightens many people. However, fortunately, there is an excellent custom coursework writing service that may relieve you of the task-associated anxiety and give a chance to devote own time to other important things.

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Writing Tips

If you are not ready to tell us, "Help with my coursework," and would like try writing coursework by yourself, the following tips might be useful. First of all, you should choose a topic for your paper. It should meet professor's criteria and, of course, be in the sphere of your interests. Unless you are indeed curious about the topic, you will not be able to write an engaging paper that would capture a reader's attention. The best way to choose a topic is to visit classes regularly and then select the aspect that was the most appealing during the lectures. If you cannot make up your mind regarding the topic, you may either consult the professor or look through coursework examples. Perhaps, they will inspire you.

Second, you should search for sources. They should be scholarly, credible, reliable, preferably peer-reviewed, and obligatory up-to-date. You should carefully read them and find evidence that could support your argument. If it is your first serious research, it might be a bit difficult to locate necessary sources, so you are recommended to ask the professor for the assistance. In addition, you may consult your teacher throughout the writing process in order to stay tuned, receive feedback regularly, and show your enthusiasm for the task. Alternatively, you may order coursework on our website.

Third, pay much attention to the quality of the information that you use select for citing. You should stick to only the most relevant and convincing data. However, remember that course is about your thinking and reflection on the material that you have learned. It means that the biggest part of the paper should be your original ideas, while opinions of experts and scholars should serve as a support or examples. Besides, be sure to cite and duly reference all the sources that you used in your paper. To avoid all this fuss with selecting and reviewing sources, you may just write us, "Do my coursework."

On your way to great coursework, mind that some seemingly minor mistakes might cause a lot of harm to your grade even if the content of the paper is perfect. So, be sure to avoid:

  • Beginning the writing process on the last day as it is a definite sign of a failure;
  • Starting to write the paper before you conduct any research since it is like reading a book from the end to the first page;
  • Exceeding the established word count limit;
  • Using the ideas of others without citing;
  • Being in a hurry to submit the paper as soon as possible;
  • Skipping proofreading phase of the writing process.

The biggest mistake that you can make while working on coursework is to plagiarize. Not only you will have insufficient understanding of ideas in your own paper, but also you will be accused of academic dishonesty and risk being expelled from your school. Even if you think that you did an excellent job hiding plagiarism, it is a mistake. Professors keep an eye on detail, know your level of knowledge, and aware of the majority of sources that are somehow connected with their subject. Besides, there is plagiarism detection software. You will not be able to get away with it and will have to face adverse consequences. So, rely on own reason and cite all the borrowed information.

What If I Want Somebody to Write My Coursework?

If you feel unconfident about own ability to create a decent coursework and know that you do not have enough to write the text that is thorough, you should not get worried and upset. You should remember that many students find themselves in a similar situation and without hesitation, look for a good coursework helper. You, in turn, have already found one, and it is not just good but rather perfect. Our company is a solution to all your writing challenges and problems. We are a coursework writing service that cares about own clients and does everything possible to meet their needs.

Our writing department consists of a large number of writers who have expertise in different scholarly fields and possess sufficient knowledge, as well as experience, to make sure you get a high grade for your next paper. They are aware of major formatting styles and can handle instructions of any complexity, which will be definitively adhered to. You writer will adopt an individual approach to your assignment and will do it in a manner as if it the most important task in his/her life. At the end of the writing process, the paper will be professionally edited, proofread, and even revised if there is a need under the guidance of an editor.

If you choose our service, you will never regret. The price of an order will be affordable. The coursework will be done with 100% accuracy, and all requirement will be met precisely. You will set a deadline, and the paper will be delivered not even a minute late. So, you will surely be in time for the submission to the professor. The text will be fully original with no plagiarism or uncited quotes. There will be no grammar, punctuation, or spelling mistakes as the coursework will be edited and proofread. Formatting style standards, as well as those of formal English, will be followed. All your preferences will be incorporated. In the end, a perfect paper will be just sent to your email and become available in personal profile on the website. It sounds easy, is not it? So, why not to try?

Example of Coursework on Project Management

The Crossrail project manager has a couple of issues to handle. Among them is the system in use in the underground drilling. There has to be certainty that the systems used in the boring are within the set limits of the designed tolerance to sustain the project towards attaining the set objectives (Kremer 2013). The manager should design a practical strategy to overcome the many obstacles in the path of the project. For example, there are electricity power supply lines that if disturbed could result in blackouts to large areas of the city. There is also a graveyard next to Liverpool Street whose contents have to be disposed of in a dignified manner (Thomas 2013). The project is expected to create approximately 55,000 jobs. It is important that an adequate organizational structure is put in place for such a massive project. The importance of this aspect with regards to the success of the project is highlighted with the inclusion of multiple subcontractors in the task. This is another complexity since it implies that a majority of the workers are not directly employed by cross rail (Dixon 2013). The project manager has to align the objective or shared value of this project with that of all the participants. Different contractors involved in the project should share similar values like those of Crossrail. This should be in respect to the undergoing project (ciprinside n.d). The last part of the project manager is to make sure that all the hired workers for the project posses the required skills for in the field. The training task has, however, been made easier with the establishment of an academy dedicated to this at Aldersbrook Sidlings (Crossrail 2014).

The following are examples of issues that make the project complex:

  1. The scale of operations is relative to the machinery and equipment necessary.
  2. A substantial amount of resources are necessary for the project to materialize.
  3. There is much uncertainty because of the lots of interdependence in the project.
  4. The organization of the space in the project is no walk in the park, since much of the work is done underground.
  5. Conversation between the different teams in the project is also difficult. The human resource used is not shared throughout the project thereby complicating coordination.
  6. Budgetary allocation for the project is not that very flexible, and there would be a need for additional funding.
  7. Some members of the lack have enough experience in boring underground, and it appears that the project manager lacks the gift of effective communication (wordpress 2008).
  8. Another aspect of the complexity is adjusting to the many changes by the more than 10,000 suppliers at every stage (slideshare n.d).
  9. The IT infrastructure for the project is complicated partly due to its independence. Cloud infrastructure is needed to enable coordination between the teams (Millman 2013). The delivery of the project is complicated by the technology required for its realization. It is of great importance to incorporate such technological advances like BIM (Building Information Modeling) to successfully navigate this challenge (Howe 2014). This kind of project is also complicated with respect to risks that accompany the decisions. It is healthy for the management to sufficiently cater for this function for it to be realized (Cotterell 2013). Finally, the project would have to cater for concerns on health, safety and environment. This can be effectively controlled through the engagement of the right consultants such as Mace Sustain (mace 2013).
  10. There are also so many other stakeholders that the project management team does not know about. The project faces a number of mismatches in its priorities compared to the stakeholders. There are stakeholders who are dependent on each other, for example, suppliers and contractors.

The project has a number of stakeholders. They are the London residents, workers engaged in the project, London business people, and the administration of this city. Crossrail as the company charged with the project, contractors engaged in the project, suppliers to the projects, and consultants who provide their expertise to the project. The project manager should manage carefully the residents of London and the business people of London. He or she should also closely monitor suppliers and contractor engaged, and the satisfaction of the workers and administration of the city with great importance. Lastly, Crossrail Company and consultants need all the necessary information for their role in the project. The project manager needs to do a number of things for the residents of London before; during and after the project. He or she has to ensure sufficient and effective engagement with these residents at all these times (northwest 2013). There has to be a timely disclosure of all the information that these residents require (Basu 2014). After the completion of the project, the project manager will be tasked with explaining to the residents of London the sustainability of the project (tfl 2011). All the project's sources of funding have to be made public to the residents, and the payment implications to the taxation revealed (Wallis 2009).


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