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Dark Phoenix Review

This Dark Phoenix review reveals the legacy of the “X-Men” sequel and creates a context for revisiting the power of filmmaking in the 21st century. What does the Dark Phoenix movie mean for its fans, and how does the presence of Sophie Turner change the matter of things on the scene?

Dark Phoenix Review

“Dark Phoenix” is certainly associated with its heroine, Sophie Turner (Jean Grey). She is unique and outstanding in her darkness. She is memorable in her stormy influence on the plot and other characters. It is happening. And it is 1992. Jean Grey is to accomplish one of her first ambitious missions. She is an X-Woman. She has an X-Jet, and with her partner Mystique, represented by Jennifer Lawrence, she is in the right place and at the right time. Other characters include Cyclops, the Beast, and the Storm – Tye Sheridan, Nicholas Hoult, and Alexandra Shipp, accordingly. Other major and minor characters are also present, and their collective mission is to save the team of astronauts who have been on the Space Shuttle Endeavor, before it is too late.

As it often happens in movies, the spaceship is facing a centrifugal moving danger. As a result, chances are high that the astronauts will never see their homes again. According to this Dark Phoenix review, they have to do something to break the spin cycle and reverse the move. What can be done? There is no place for magic, no matter how fantastic the movie is. Jean simple absorbs some excess power and energy from the Shuttle’s solar panels. Being full of power (and even more than that), she is ready to become a hero. She is finally the X-Woman 9.0 we know from the movie.

How can a woman be as powerful as Jean? Well, that is fantasy, but this is also science. Imagine that you have so much power inside that your skin is cracking. Imagine that your partner, who is as powerful as you, still looks like a small battery against you? Here, we mean Charles Xavier, who is also the chief of staff, and who has been the leader and mentor for Jean since she has been eight. Seeing how she has changed, he says (or actually admits) that her power is too much, and nothing can stop her from acting. At the same time, being powerful is not being good. When you have so much inside, it can tear you apart. This is also what the movie is about. It is about the pros and cons of being a powerful woman in a world of men.

This is one of the 12 movies that have X-Men in them. It also includes two Deadpool movies. Dark Phoenix is definitely one of the last attempts to feature X-Men, and it illustrates the thorny path that the directors, producers and actors have gone to make it a reality. Dark Phoenix is an X-Men franchise. That is, X-Men have been celebrating the fantasy triumph so many times, but nothing is eternal. It is possible to say that Logan, which saw the world in 2017, was the last point. Now it is time to switch our attention from the sprawl and offshoots of the X-Men movies to the change that comes with Dark Phoenix. It is different, but it is still the same. It would be fair to say that many things taking place in Dark Phoenix qualify it for a new X-Men status.

Remember the notorious and so much loved X-Men: The Last Strand that was so revolutionarily popular in 2006? It was a movie of so much dramatism, but Dark Phoenix is more than that. It is powerful and energetic in both its plot and the main characters. It is functional. It is open. It is honest and memorable in every aspect. It is new. It is unusual, and it is certainly worth watching. Look at what is happening to Jean –her cosmic power symbolizes her path toward self-awareness and continuous growth. She is loyal to her team, no doubts. However, Jean has to do some self-discovery work to understand what is going on with her and how she can excel in her powers. Genosha, where she ultimately lands, is going to become the land of self-discovery. A place where mutant refugees currently live, with Eric as their leader and Professor X, a person who knows the secret, will become the site for struggles and clashes, pain and unusual revelations for Jean.

Someone might say that Dark Phoenix is an ordinary movie where fantasy and reality come together to create a combustive mixture of good and bad things. In reality, it is an ever evolving story, which makes the audience think and guess. The uniqueness of the story is that it is made of special effects, and these effects make up the basis of the plot. It is never straightforward. Rather, it is intuitive, and this is what makes Dark Phoenix so much different from other X-Men stories.

The entire movie is like a state of trance, making the audience drift through the clouds of consciousness. Superheroes go above and beyond their heads and bodies to accomplish the most impossible things. It is definitely a superhero movie, but not in a traditional sense. On the one hand, they have a woman superhero which is by itself an unusual thing for the so deeply masculine world in the new millennium. On the other hand, they reveal the intricacies of female leadership and power, turning the unreal into real and depriving Jean as a feminist leader of the conventional “victim” coloring. She is no victim; rather, she is a searcher. This self-search and self-struggle are the main sources of unbeatable power for Jean.

Someone might say that the Dark Phoenix review is nothing but a story of human mutants who seek to establish themselves in a highly competitive world. However, the truth is that it is a story of triumph, a struggle against victimization and stigma. It can well apply to any population group or social layer in real world. It can teach a good lesson, and this is a reason solid enough to watch Dark Phoenix today.