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Descriptive Essays Writing

What you can do to become a descriptive essay writer

Descriptive essays are designed to emphasize the importance of narration and observation. Thus, your task in writing a descriptive essay is to describe your experiences or feelings in a vivid and realistic manner. No matter what descriptive essay topics you choose, always follow the requirements for your paper. You can use the following subjects:

  • Memory description
  • A description of some experience
  • A place of interest
  • An object or thing
  • A talented personality

If you have difficulties choose the best focus for your paper, look at a good descriptive essay example. You will see that most authors manage to write successful descriptive essays on topics or subjects that they like or want to explore in detail. So, basically, you need to choose a topic or subject that interests you. You may also want to share some memorable experiences and observations with your reader. Include sufficient detail to make the reader feel as if he or she has seen the things with his or her own eyes.

A perfect descriptive essay incorporates rich descriptions of personal opinions, feelings, perceptions, and actions. Do not be afraid to talk of tastes, sounds, smells or sights. In everything you write, be as detailed as you can. This is how you can successfully fulfill your writing task and achieve the best academic results. Looking at the brightest descriptive essay examples, you can easily see that they

  • provide readers with a realistic description of the events or objects,
  • are extremely detailed
  • describe the emotional component of writers' experiences
  • provide enough detailed information on what the writer actually felt as he/she was looking at the object of his or her description or lived through the events he or she is describing in the paper
  • do not include any information that does not relate to the subject of the paper
  • guide the reader through all aspects of the narration in a logical and consistent manner.

So, as you are working on your descriptive essay, do not forget that it must be perfectly organized. Include an introductory paragraph, which introduces the topic and catches the reader's attention. In the body of your descriptive essays, describe every major and minor detail of your experience. Make sure that you devote one paragraph to the analysis of one point or detail. In your conclusion, summarize the main aspects of your work and remind your reader of the importance of your experience.  You may also invite your readers to discuss their experiences with you. In case of any difficulty, request a free sample from!

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