Diagnostic Essay Writing: How to Do It Right?

If you are a first-year student who is tasked with crafting a diagnostic essay, you may get frightened being unsure of what exactly such a paper should include. To succeed with this task, it is not enough to know the diagnostic essay meaning. The successful completion of this assignment requires having advanced knowledge of the subject, as well as excellent writing skills. In fact, a diagnostic essay is not a typical academic assignment. As a rule, teachers make students write such papers at the beginning of the course, to be able to evaluate students’ writing proficiency. At the same time, each professor has their own requirements for writing such a paper.

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What Is a Diagnostic Essay?

In its essence, a diagnostic essay is a write-up that is assigned to diagnose your writing skills and expertise in a particular subject. When you visit a doctor with a problem and receive a diagnosis, you are actually informed about the state of your body based on your symptoms and medical tests. When assigning you this type of paper, your tutor wants to check not only your knowledge of the topic but also your grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, etc.

In other words, a diagnostic paper can be assigned for the reasons indicated below:

  1. To check your knowledge of the English language;
  2. To evaluate your grammar skills;
  3. To determine your level of expertise within the particular subject;
  4. To make sure you are on the right educational track;
  5. To assess your academic progress.

As you can see, it is particularly important to know how to write a diagnostic essay. Below, you will find some efficient suggestions that will turn the entire process of crafting your paper into an enjoyable experience.

Follow the Common Diagnostic Essay Writing Requirements

Although a diagnostic paper is a unique assignment, it should follow the traditional standards of academic writing. This means that you need to analyze information, come up with your own ideas, support your arguments with appropriate evidence, pay attention to the common diagnostic essay structure, etc. Let’s take a closer look at the elements of your paper that will earn you good grades:

  • Relevant and interesting topic (if your professor has allowed you to choose a subject, make sure to spend some time picking up an appropriate one);
  • An engaging introduction and a strong conclusion;
  • A catchy thesis statement;
  • The logical development of your arguments;
  • Smooth transitions;
  • Original viewpoints and fresh insights;
  • Proper citations.

How to choose a good topic for a diagnostic essay? What info should be included in the paper? What sources to use? These and many other questions often bother students. You won’t be able to write a high-quality paper if you don’t have clear answers to these questions. Let us provide you with brief information about all the main parts to be presented in this academic assignment. By following our tips, you will improve your writing proficiency significantly

Main Parts of a Diagnostic Essay

It’s not easy to craft such an academic text as there are many details to consider. In case you have no opportunity to work on this paper on your own, you can order a custom diagnostic essay outline at our service.

The main components of a diagnostic paper are as follows:

one (1).pngTopic

If you were allowed to choose a topic, you need to think about the area of your interest and pick up a subject within its scope. Please note that this subject should be neither too broad nor too narrow. The topic should not be too specific as it should enable you to find enough research data. At the same time, choosing a too broad topic will result in writing a vague and shallow essay;


An introductory part of your masterpiece should be engaging, clear, and informative. The primary purpose of this part is to engage the reader and help them understand what is the paper about. If you need to include some background information in your introductory paragraph to contextualize your topic, you are free to do it before a thesis statement. A thesis statement is the central idea of your essay that will be investigated in the main body;

three.pngMain body

The main body is the part where you need to provide an analysis of the topic. When evaluating your paper, your professor will check how clear your arguments are and how well they are developed. This part consists of several paragraphs, which are related to each other with the help of smooth transitions. To write a good paper, try to keep track of your topic referring to your thesis statement;


A concluding part aims to summarize your write-up without providing new information. Please, note that it is not another paragraph of the main body as a conclusion should wrap up the analysis. You may refer to your thesis once again and inform your reader about the results you have achieved.

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