American Easter Celebration

The Shift in Traditions

Easter is regarded to be one of the greatest celebrations of the year in the United Kingdom. Actually, Easter is a religious holiday associated with Christ’s resurrection from the dead; however, lately, the holiday has somehow got associated with Easter chocolates and alcohol.

According to the estimates, Easter is characterized by senseless chocolate eating among children and the same senseless alcohol binge with adults. Somehow, Easter has slightly lost its original religious spirit and now it is associated with profits, especially when talking about entrepreneurs or shop owners.

In the UK, Easter is considered to be a bank, or public, holiday. Friday before Easter and Monday after Easter are days off, which means that people have four days in a row of unstoppable eating and boozing.

Easter Celebrations as a Way of Making Profits

Easter holiday has become a great opportunity for businessman (especially shop owners) to make profits. Take at least the Easter cards.

US Celebration

The situation is different in the USA, though. Despite the fact that the US people are known for introducing lots of senseless celebrations and holidays, they have never really celebrated Easter in the same way the British (or other nations) do. Such traditions as Easter eggs are alien for the US. However, what the American people do may surprise you even more: egg race in the White House yard. Sounds crazy, huh?

However, it should still be acknowledged that the Americans are not profit-oriented when it comes to such religious holiday as Easter. They associate it more with praying and worshipping God and glorifying Jesus, who resurrected from the dead.

In contrast to the UK, where only 59% of people claim they are Christians, there are almost 80% of Christian worshippers in the USA. Therefore, it might be inferred that there are more true believers in the USA.

Summing up, you see that there is a striking difference in the way the British and the Americans celebrate Easter. You might think that the Americans miss numerous crazy and interesting things regarding celebrations. Still, people have to decide for themselves how to celebrate religious holidays and whether to turn them into public holidays. On the one hand, they have their right and urge to rest a little bit longer than usually, but on the other hand, we mustn’t forget about the true purpose of any religious holiday – to be in peace with ourselves, people around, and God.