Discussing the Labor Day Holiday

Every year, on the first Monday of September Americans celebrate a really significant holiday of our culture – Labor Day. This event honors all the USA workers, their contribution, and impact on the prosperous American well-being. Despite being a popular “last summer holiday” both in the USA and Canada, other countries tend to celebrate it on May, 1 in spring. Its history and celebrating traditions differ from the location but in general, it is quite similar all over the world.

World’s Labor Day

History of creation in America

Until the end of 18th century, the working conditions in the USA were unbelievably poor, so that it was hard to imagine a day without an injury. Moreover, even though it was forbidden by law, the youngest workers on factories were children aged only 5 years. Thus, these unsatisfying reasons have finally burst into a movement that lasted several years, struggling to improve safety, wages, forbid children exploitation and working conditions in general.

Originally, the idea to celebrate Labor Day was brought from Canada, when the contemporary American leader Peter McGuire has seen how Canadians honor the day when the movement for an improved working place was established. Thus, in 1882 at the beginning of September, the first ever Labor Day was celebrated, featuring the parade in New York that has been visited by more than 10 000 workers.

History of creation in Europe

Unlike in the USA, in Europe, it took a long time for the workers to change the attitude towards them, improve working and paying conditions. Everything began during the Industrial Revolution, however, the first attempts to begin the movement were successfully suppressed. Later on, the International Workingmen’s Association was founded and since then, nothing could prevent to change the situation. During the 19th century, the working class began to receive a better wage, influenced the safety on working place and even managed to get a few days off during the year. Since that time, people in Europe began to commemorate these changes on the first day of May.

American celebration peculiarities

Labor Day is a state holiday, so all the public establishments, including some businesses have an official day off. The most popular event during this day is a festival. Not only is there a huge parade, organized by the country government, but also a lot of smaller parades along the biggest Americans cities.

Canadian celebration peculiarities

There are not many differences between American and Canadian celebrations. Northern neighbors also have picnics with BBQs and family meetings. Festivals with parades are also common along the country. Also, during Labor Day, Canadians adore spending time watching a lot of football. Public establishments are also closed this day that results in many people having a day off.

European celebration peculiarities

European culture is so much diverse that there is no single celebration – in every country it is unique. Parades and protests are quite common during this day, especially in post-Soviet countries. In general, on this warm May day, people just enjoy their day off with their families and friends.