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We are delighted to see you here at BestWritingService.com. If you are reading this article, it means that at college you were assigned with discussion board writing. We will explain the basic terms and help you out by offering professional writing of discussion posts.

First of all, let us explain why we have created this page. We have noticed that over the period of 12 months, the number of clients who decided to order discussion board post grew significantly. If in January 2017 we had approximately fifty people who needed help with discussion posts writing, in 2018 we received over 500 orders of such type, covering all sorts of academic topics (including but not limited to Psychology, Business, History, Art, etc.)

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What is a Discussion Board?

Let us describe what discussion board is. We all know what a regular forum looks like (or at least many of you may know). So this is a separate website or a specific section on your school’s website where your professor will create a specific discussion with a question you will have to answer. Many college and university professors have decided to give a chance to online services like post university blackboard or created an internal messaging board to hold discussions related to the courses they teach. Students have to register there in order to post their response, so let us clarify what would it look like.

What is Meaning of Academic Discussion Post?

It is pretty hard to create a distinctive definition of a discussion post, as it is a piece of academic writing extremely similar to an essay.  Once you receive a notification and open a writing board online, you will see the questions and hopefully full list of instructions to adhere to. You may have to check your e-mail for additional instructions (if they are long and explicit and did not fit in the post). Your task will be to write a response to the question, providing references and expressing personal ideas. How is discussion post different from a regular essay you used to write?

Originally, an essay has to have introduction and summary sections as well as strictly formatting, whereas online discussion responses usually do not have that. You also have to pay attention to the fact that formatting will be different, so you have to check what formatting instrument will be available on your blackboard discussion forum (as they usually differ, depending on the initial settings). Your post will be read by your professor and fellow classmates and will be posted until the discussion is closed or removed. Usually, such discussions are open to a specific list of users, but can also be visible to the whole school.

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How to Write a Discussion Question Answer to Get a Perfect Post?

  • The key to success is understanding the question and expectation. Read the task carefully, making sure you understand when shall you post your response and what should it look like.
  • You can check the syllabus for any additional requirements or insights. It contains specific requirements on content and formatting as well as specific regulations (e.g. word count issues).
  • Your professor expects you to express personal ideas that will be backed up by factual information, it will also have to leave some space for further discussion but at the same time express your holistic approach.
  • Do not take your time. Students often forget about the fact this is not the regular essay you can write in a week. Generally, discussion post will be written within 12 to 48 hours since the moment the question was published (unless this specific discussion will be open for long-term answers).
  • Make sure to ask questions if you have any doubts or technical issues. In addition, take a good care of the tone and sentence structure, as you have to understand this will be read by your professor and fellow students.

How to Cite a Discussion Paper?

Sometimes students can find related content on the Internet, but there is one little problem: if you can find it online, so does the plagiarism search engine your professor will use to check the originality of your response. There have been cases when students copied and pasted information from teacher discussion forum and had lots of explaining to do. So if you decide to take information from another messaging board, make sure to include references.

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Why Writing a Discussion Board Post Yourself May Be a Problem?

One of the things that make class discussions so hard to deal with is the fact that you may be forced to write your post in response to someone else post. This requires additional reading, cross-referencing of the fact they address and careful consideration of the ideas already expressed. Meanwhile, you are running out of time.

We know many students have so many things on their plate that it seems almost impossible to write a good post themselves. Be honest with yourself and think if you have enough time to deal with everything. Yes, you can decide to write a discussion on your own and feel tired in the morning. Or you can request writing help from an experienced writer and have your post written in time!

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How to Order Discussion Board Post from BestWritingService.com?

If you understand you want to place your order, fill out this form to provide us with all the information needed for a discussion and specify the deadline, academic level of the writing expected and the topic required. You will be able to add your subject, upload additional files and request any additional services in the full order form.  Please remember that a regular page in the order form is a 300-word page of double-spaced text.

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