Does Your Minor Matter?

Most students spend all their energy to decide what college major they want to choose, overlooking another important related question – what minor do they want to choose? Although there can’t be a one-sided answer to this question and it all depends on your wants, needs, personality and many other factors, there is one thing that we know for certain – selecting the minor that’s right for you will benefit you. Maybe you’ll get benefited in a small way and maybe in a significant fashion.

Benefits of Minor

A lot of employers will tell you that a college major is much more important than a college minor. Of course, you should listen to them, but it doesn’t mean that you should ignore all the potential benefits that the right minor can give you. Chances are that employers just can’t see the connection between employees’ performance and his or her minor and because of that they disregard it. In fact, a carefully selected minor can help you to shape your career and even open some new career possibilities. For instance, a minor in foreign language or computer sciences may allow the student to become a part of hybrid teams or special projects.

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The Tiebreaker

In some cases, having the minor that your employer requires can become a tiebreaker between you and your competitor in terms of getting a job. Human resources specialist Doug Pitchford comments:

“If the potential employees have same experience and background, then the person who has a minor in marketing will have an edge over the person who has a minor in music. It is more probable that the person with a minor in marketing or business will be more prepared to answer difficult questions than the other potential employee.” 

Choosing the Minor

So what exact minor should you choose? Experts advise to choose the minor with the specific company or industry in mind. A recruiter from London Bridge Group Denny Voyles comments:

“If your major is computer information systems and your minor is finance than you’re an excellent candidate for the company like ours, because we look for people who can combine technical and business sides.”

Another option is to choose a minor that would supplement your major, like pairing advertising with writing or fashion design with marketing. Finally, the last approach that should definitely be mentioned here is to choose your minor based on your passions. Maybe in the process of study you will see that this is actually what you have to be doing instead of pursuing your major. Even if you won’t be applying your minor during your first years of employment, it may still be of great use in the future, because having a minor gives an employer more reasons to hire you.