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Once you have finished a major academic work, you know it has to be reviewed and edited. You also know that you are very close to this project, because you have poured so many hours into its development. Students who have been through this will tell you that it is NOT a good idea to complete the review and revisions yourself. You will simply not be able to give it the objective eye it needs. You certainly can seek out a peer or colleague to complete the review for you, but, quite often, others are too busy with their own work to take on the rather large task of editing someone else’s work. You need a distant and unbiased professional to look at all aspects of the piece and to perform a thorough editing process, correcting any obvious grammatical and formatting mistakes, which always influence the overall quality of writing.

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Our editors have specific content expertise and first-rate abilities to proofread academic works of any kind, no matter what topic you choose. Indeed, many of our 700+ writers and editors are former professors themselves – people who are experts in the understanding of what a truly superior academic work should be.