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Essay cover page

While personal essays do not usually require an essay cover page, academic essays nearly always do

Note that while the format of the cover page will differ quite significantly for APA or MLA styles, they both contain certain key points, such as the name of the author, the essay's due date, and of course the essay topic. Other details that might appear include the name of the educational establishment, professor etc.

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Essay cover pages usually have certain requirements regarding spacing and font which must be used, so be careful yours adheres to these before submitting the final version.

While it takes some time, by studying the formatting requirements for an essay cover page you can gain big rewards for the attention to detail that you pay.

It's a good idea to imagine the essay cover page as the "face" of your work, and so you will want to make it look as good as you possibly can. It should look pleasing to the eye, be completely free of errors and should not have any unnecessary 'clutter' on it. Remember that while we are often told not to judge a book by its cover, people nevertheless do just that, and it is the same with essays.

In most cases, the following information should be clearly presented on your essay cover page:

  • Name of the author
  • Submission date
  • Title
  • Class number/name
  • Class period/time
  • Instructor's name

To achieve a look that is professional and also easy to read, make sure each line is indented to the right of the left margin. Your choice of font should also match that of the main essay in order to make the essay seem more unified.

Generally, the inclusion of images or graphics on the essay cover page is frowned upon unless it is asked for. However, if an image is required make sure that the size is suitable and of high quality. Do not make the image too drastic as you do not want to turn the attention of the instructor away from your essay.

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