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Essay format styles

When you sit down to write a paper or an essay, you will probably use a lot of other sources rather than relying on your ideas alone. And every time you use someone else's information, you need to acknowledge them. You might not directly quote from a book or a person, but even if you took an idea from someplace, you need to cite them. There are different essay format styles to choose.

When you document sources, you need to recognize the right parts while taking references

You can use endnotes, in-text notes, footnotes etc to provide citations. Also, you need to list the references at the end of your essay. This page is called the bibliography of the essay. These will differ depending upon your essay format styles.

There are many different types of citation formats and styles and the way you cite depends upon the style you choose. Though there are a lot of essay format styles, the four major ones are:

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Modern Language Association (MLA): This style is used for humanitarian, art and literature courses.

American Psychology Association (APA): This style is used in papers that are written on sociology, psychology or other social science subjects.

Chicago and Turabian: These styles are used mostly for history papers.

Essay Format Styles: Some tips

  1. Make use of standard 1" margin on top/bottom and 1.25" on left/right.
  2. Use double space text as it is a standard in writing essays and it gives enough space to the teacher to underline or circle errors in your research paper.
  3. Essays are left aligned, unless it is specified otherwise. If your essay is handwritten, then you should make use of a straight edge to get 90o vertical alignments. Make sure you know your essay format styles before you begin writing.
  4. Times New Roman is the standard font to be used, keeping the size as 12.
  5. While printing, make sure that you print the essay on only one side of the sheet.
  6. Use white paper of the standard size (8.5" X 11")
  7. Use indentation of one tab (or five spaces) for paragraphs. Do not add extra spaces between two paragraphs.

Page numbers

Page numbering differs according to the essay format styles, but most of them have the same arrangement. If you are using a separate title page, do not number it. The first page that has your text would be page 1, and the number can be at the upper right corner or bottom center. You can leave it unnumbered, but if you are numbering subsequent pages, numbers should appear in upper right corner.

Your pages should be numbered properly and not abbreviated. 'P.3', or 'Page 3 of 10' is wrong.

If you are following the MLA style, your last number would be succeeded by the page number, For example, 'Craig 1.' In MLA style, pages are numbered in upper right corner.

Works Cited

If you use any outside sources to get information, you need to include them in the works cited page. The correct method to list your sources would depend on the publication you use (web pages, articles, books, etc). The format of the page would depend upon the style of citation you are using. There are different styles of citations for different types of essay format styles.

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