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Essay guide

You can use an essay guide to get practical help that is needed while writing an essay

But you have to be a bit picky while selecting the right guide because the wrong essay guide can raise many problems. There are many guides that provide general information that the students already know about, and thus it is of no help to anyone. But not this essay guide. It will lead you the right way and show you exactly how you can write a compelling custom essay.

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While some students are unable to find a topic for their essay, there are others that find themselves in a fix as they form the essay structure. The methods listed in the below essay guide are quite general and can be used without any problems:

  • The most important part of your essay is the introduction and you have to start with it. Your readers will scan through the introduction and judge the quality of your essay, and then they will decide if they want to read through the entire essay or not. If the message delivered in the introduction is vague, they will go away. The thesis statement given inside the introduction should deliver your message.
  • Introduction should be followed by the essay body. The body should be interesting, just like a story. Your story should be built around the introduction of arguments that relate to your thesis statement. Every argument must be supported by reasons that are cited in the essay body.
  • After the body, the essay should have a conclusion. There must be no new content here. It will merely be a summary of whatever you have stated in the essay body.
  • Now start brainstorming to decide the right structure. When you think of the reasons why you are writing the essay, you will find the right topics. This will help you get more subtopics.
  • If you find yourself unable to get subtopics, use search engines. Just type the main topic you have chosen and you will find many relevant sites. You may even get a good essay guide. Note down the important URLs and continue looking for subtopics. With the right kind of research, you will soon find a number of subtopics to concentrate on.
  • Use simple language and short sentences. While it will be easier for your readers, it will make things easier for you too.
  • Make use of listings, headings, subheadings, bullets and other formatting tools.
  • Add only relevant information and do not beat around the bush.

There are other methods that are not given in this essay guide as they are more specific and apply to certain cases only. After you have written the essay, make sure you proofread and edit it.

In case you do not know how a good essay looks like, you can look for some samples on the internet.

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