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Essay introduction

Your essay introduction should begin with a discussion of the subject, and then lead to a specific statement that opens your thesis, or main point. Your essay introduction can also start with a grabber. This grabber can be a surprising story or a challenge to capture the reader's attention.

Your thesis should use just one or two sentences to explain the overall argument, and it should act as an opening to the essay body.

For instance, if you are writing about the significance of car airbags, your introduction can start with statistics on car accidents and general survival rates. The essay introduction might even include a grabber like a person who faced a terrible car accident and survived because of the airbag.

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The thesis briefly states the chief reason for suggesting airbags, and every reason should be argued in the essay body.

The essay introduction, in general, can start with an anecdote, an example, a striking fact, or a piece of information that grabs the attention of the reader. This should be related to the topic to make it even stronger. For example, if you are writing an essay on meth (methamphetamine), it can begin with shocking statistics on substance abuse.

Or you can open with a case that tells about the effect of methamphetamine on users. But you should make sure that the essay introduction is according to the focal point of the essay and it does not delude the reader.

You should explain the subject to your audience. So in this example, you can give some information about meth and its uses in the nation, along with the problems that it raises. Then let the readers understand that this is an important subject for discussion. You can cover the following points: what is meth, when did people begin using it, what does it consist of, and why is it hazardous.

These details will take you to your thesis statement. It generally appears close to the essay introduction ending. It provides precise information that slowly moves towards the assertion that will be the primary spotlight of the essay. The essay introduction is incomplete without the thesis statement.

The essay introduction should be catchy and should be written to enchant and engage the readers. Plus, it should be balanced in length. Let's say your essay is of 10 pages, your introduction should not be just one paragraph long. Likewise, if your essay is merely 2 pages long, a 1 page introduction wouldn't make any sense. And if the essay is just a single paragraph long, the introduction should come directly after the thesis statement and should be just a couple of lines long.

Most writers forget about the significance of essay introduction. When the opening paragraph is finished, the readers get familiar with the theme and they can relate more to the discussion that will continue. If you do not open with a good introduction, your essay will break down as it will have no way to sustain the focus of readers, and it won't be able to keep you on right track. So make sure to read enough tips and other data about writing the perfect essay introduction before you begin writing an essay.

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