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Essay prompts

Essay prompts are one of the most convenient ways of drafting essays

Essay prompts help you in expressing your ideas clearly. They allow you to correlate the original ideas to the essay. They also help you in elaborating the original ideas. There are several essay prompts that are readily available online however these essay prompts may be generic. It is best that you create an essay prompt for yourself. If you are unsure about creating an essay prompt or if this is your first attempt to it then read on. The below mentioned guidelines will help you in creating excellent essay prompts that will help you draft a top quality essay.

Easy to understand: essay prompts are like pointers. They should be easy to understand. The description and the narrative of these prompts should be such that a layman can grasp the essence of the essay. Choose the topic that is acceptable by the masses. Choosing a niche area will lead to reducing your target audience.

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Flexibility: Your essay prompts may receive numerous feedbacks and suggestions. In such a scenario having a close ended essay prompt will make the essay rigid. Based on the reader's feedback and reviews, you may want to have a different treatment for your essay prompt. The best way to achieve this is by drafting open ended essay prompts since they come with an element of flexibility.

Analytical approach: students must explore different aspects of the topic. They must draft the prompt in a reader friendly manner. Audience should be in a position to immediately connect to your prompt. Do not apply bookish or rigid treatment to these prompts. It is best to be analytical yet reader friendly in approach. This way you will be able to deliver the point home without being overtly bookish.

Well defined purpose: Essay prompts are drafted with a view to provide an insight to good English writing. You must therefore define the purpose of the essay prompt clearly. Readers are going to correlate your prompt with the objective. You must ensure that your prompt is drafted in such a manner that it fulfills the primary objective. One needs to show remarkable clarity in their thoughts while drafting the prompt. Any prompt that diverges from the topic is considered to be bad prompt. Your essay prompt must educate the readers. They should have something to take away and learn from your prompt.

Stay generic: students may use the narrative approach while drafting the essay prompt. One should however steer clear of any intimate details. Students would not like to share their private life hence such requirement should be eliminated. If students are asked to divulge their private life, the topic may diverge and the student may not be in a position to focus. Keep the requirements extremely generic.

Do not forget to go through different writing styles and different formats for essays. Your professors may expect you to format the essay in a particular style. You can also create an essay outline to provide definite structure to the essay.

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