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Essay thesis

Essays are an indispensable part of academic writing

Students have to write different types of essays like argumentative essays, research essays, descriptive essays, persuasive essays etc. essay thesis is one of the most vital elements of an essay. An essay thesis sheds light on the conclusion of the essay. Your essay thesis needs to be impressive. It should be convincing and logical. Following paragraphs speak about the essentials of a good essay thesis

Your essay thesis will be considered to be strong only and only if it takes a stand. For example your essay is on health and fitness and your professor has asked you to evaluate a certain weight gain capsule and your essay thesis reads "why protein has both positive and negative impact on the body". This statement will be considered as weak thesis statement because it does not take a firm stand. Whereas if your essay thesis states that "why protein may cause hormonal imbalance and reduce your eye sight hence it must be avoided" then your professor will appreciate it because the statement has taken a stand.

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Your thesis statement should be backed by evidence. You must provide appropriate examples and evidences to support your discussion. If you are discussing environmental hazards of nuclear testing then you must produce articles and quote instances where nuclear weapon testing has led to environmental destruction. Your thesis statement should grab the reader's attention. They should be keen on reading the rest of the essay to see how you have justified your point of view. If you want to back your essay with evidences then you must research extensively about your topic. In depth research is the only way to cite good examples and justify your statements

It is also important that your essay thesis has only one central idea. Speaking about multiple things can only cause confusion in the reader's mind. You must therefore make conscious attempt to keep your thesis statement strong and simple. If your thesis statement mentions "organizations should tap the potential of internet; websites can also be an excellent tool for marketing" then it confuses the readers about the subject. One may wonder if the topic is on potential of internet or potential of websites. Instead you may use thesis statement that mentions "Companies must tap the potential of internet by optimizing their websites for effective marketing"

Always remember that a good thesis statement is the one that transitions effectively into the introduction. Most of the impressive thesis statements use transitional words like however, unless, so, although, because, since etc. Make your essays more impressive by using effectivethesis statement.

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