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Essay types

Every student is familiar with essay writing

Students are required to attempt different essay types during their school and college years. In academic years one may be asked to write on any essay topic. Interestingly the essay topics may not reveal essay types. Many times, students are required to understand and analyze the essay topic and decide the essay type. Knowledge of creating essay outlines can be helpful in determining the essay types. Many times you understand the essay type only after you have created an essay outline. Let us have a look at some of the common essay types.

Compare and contrast essay: As the name suggests, you will need to the subject and highlight its similarities and disparities. Many times students may not understand that the essay is a compare and contrast essay from the subject. Such essays require the students to explore and understand different aspects of the subject. These subjects require extensive research

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Controversial essay: controversial essays tackle debates. These essays have topics related to law, economic conditions or beliefs. One may be in favor of or against the topic. Controversial essay types revolve around topics like abortion. Legalization of homosexual marriages, single parenting, and capital punishments etc. one needs to back their arguments by evidence in such essays. One needs to have a strong thesis statement in such essays. Such essays are more of opinion based.

Persuasive essay: These essays test the persuasive skills of the writer. Through this essay, students are required to present their thoughts and ideas in a manner that they convince the readers about their view points. Such essays use analytical skills and logical reasoning to convince the readers. These essays generally exhibit your expertise in the particular subject. It requires you to carefully balance your creative skills and logical skills. You need to have in depth understanding of the subject to speak in favor of or against the subject. You must also be prepared for any counter arguments that may exist regarding the subject.

Evaluation essay: Such essays require you to give honest feedback about the topic. You will need to understand the subject and genuinely appraise it. Your appraisal needs to be based on facts and not just opinions. Evaluation essays need to be logical and genuine.

Another common essay type is a general essay. It requires you to speak broadly about the topic. Such essays have larger audiences as they do not target any specific niche. Topics for such essays are rare. These essays are used to test the research skills of the students. Another essay type may require you to classify the information and then handle every piece of classified information as a separate topic. This is generally done to get deeper understanding of complex subjects.

As mentioned in the preceding lines, it is difficult to understand the essay type merely by its topic. One must understand the topic and infer it to determine the essay type. You may also draft essay outlines and get an idea on the essay type. You must also be aware about the different formatting styles that are required for different essays.

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