Free My Interview With a Human Resource Manager Essay Sample

Job evaluation is an orderly practice that is employed to establish the comparative level, significance, convolution and worth of every job in an organization. With the help of a flourishing job evaluation process, it is possible to compare a job n an organization relatively to others in the same organization. Job evaluation mainly plays a major role in ascertaining the disparity on employee prerequisites across the jobs.

Me: who performs the job evaluation in your organization?

Analyst: In the organization, the task is carried out by the human resource manager

Me:     Which method of job evaluation is used in your organization?

Analyst: The method that is commonly used in by organization is point evaluation. Point          evaluation is preferred in the organization as it possible to express the worth a particular      job in   monetary terms.  It is first initialized by identification of compensable factors that          a group of job possesses. With these figures at hand, it becomes possible to numerically             represent the    description and extent of the job.

Me: why do you prefer this method to other evaluation methods?

Analyst: The method is relatively less biased compared to other evaluation methods. This sis so         because the evaluator is required to first assign each job’s total points before the       involving the     compensable points into the equation.

Me: There are some factors used in job evaluation, does your organization incorporate them in           the course of job evaluation?

Analyst: the organization uses all the factors in n carrying out the job evaluation process. The ten evaluation steps are, therefore, enacted in the case of evaluation process.

Me: why does the organization use all these ten factors?

Analyst:  we actually believe that all the factors actually count are are solely important while               evaluating the performance of every employee in the organization.  First, the training level of the employees and their qualification help very much in gauging the      performance.  The employee should be highly conversed with the going through in case           of complex tasks presentations. We greatly encourage that the employees should be in a             great position to even interact with various levels of the organization to get the apt      required in the organization. We advocate for total responsibility in the organization,           degrees of supervision are also enhanced and major acts like cross training are also     required in the organization. To the organization, we view that every         factor of the           ten factors and significantly adds to the overall performance in the organization, for      success to be realized. We also encourage all our employees to be accountable to             whatever decision and action taken within n the work organization. The employees      should therefore show    independence in judgments through their apt in the       organization.

Me:     How does this process help the organization achieve critical objectives?

Analyst: it helps in that in the organization everyone becomes aware of what is required of him           or her as per the organization’s plan of action and the mission, vision and objectives of   the organization. The evaluation in the organization is towards the organizational        development and not towards intimidating the employees.