Free The Subject of Abortion Essay Sample

Abortion is one of the most disputed practices in the society. The subject of abortion has been seriously debated by many individuals. The general question is why should people practice abortion? In my view, abortion should be not be allowed due to the following reasons.

If abortion is legitimized many young people will engage in reckless sexual activities on the pretext that they will have a viable way of dealing with unwanted pregnancies. Moreover, destruction of human life is considered to be morally wrong. This is because life starts right after conception (Rose 84). Hence, it would be morally wrong to destroy innocent lives of the unborn children, who also have the right to live just like any other individual in the society. From my point of view, committing an abortion is tantamount to execution of individuals because it leads to lose of life without proper justification.

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If abortion is legitimized many of such cases will arise without proper reasons, and this will have a serious impact on the future human population. This is because many lives will be lost, and the future society may lack proper man power since there will very few young people to serve in various economic sectors.

Abortion can cause serious health problems to women. For instance, a lot of blood can be lost in the process of administering it. This may culminate into health complications, and in extreme cases, it may cause maternal mortality (Naden 34).

I also contend that abortion should only be administered to a woman whose life is seriously endangered by pregnancy. This is because in such circumstances it would be better to save the life of the mother than that of the baby in the sense that the mother has better chances of survival compared to the baby.


From the above discussion it is evident that the practice of abortion is not good since it leads to many moral vices in our society. Apart from this, it contradicts the fundamental right to life, which should be enjoyed by everyone. Therefore, I conclude that such practices should be totally abolished in our society.


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