Free 2012 Olympic Games Essay Sample


The word "Olympic games" will automatically bring change to any place if it's to be brought there especially if it's to an organization in a small town like Bedfordshire. This is due to the fact that such an event always brings a lot of attention and limelight to a place due to all the events taking place and the coverage given will automatically create a world wide marketing frenzy while the other effect will be a mad rush to create services required during the period. As an organization and such a big event coming to town it will result in a lot change in tact as a new market will emerge albeit a temporary one but with a lot opportunities as it will be a one in a life time chance to give the organization an international audience or clients and his will go a long way in determining whether the organization will grow or shrink after the event as new competition will emerge due to some of the foreign organizations coming during the period of the Olympics may decide to remain after its all over.

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The organization mainly deals with business offering goods and services. Due to these facts, the organization needs to have goals in terms of performance objectives. The objectives will include the speed in service delivery, the services and goods delivered should be of quality. According to Arens, the organization should be dependable for the clients and bye ensuring this it will always have a market. The cost is a key fact in any business any the cost for service delivery should not be higher than the expected returns to ensure the continuity of the organization because the reverse will result in collapse of the same due to losses. The event will definitely bring about an increased demand which will mean the more goods and services will be required hence the inventory in terms of supplies will be increased to cater for this gap. With this and the chance of some unexpected events arising due to many inconsistent variable s that may arise, this will result in coming or creation of contingency plans or measures to counter this.


The business environment normally includes many aspects some internal and others external. Some of these factors include the environment that can and should be considered include the economic, political, social, technological, demographic, all of which can be classified as macro-environmental factors. The others factors which are classified as micro-economical include the suppliers, intermediary marketing and the market itself. According to an observation made by Belch, George & Michael, in regard to such events, the impact of the event will change the environment for business completely as due to the fact of being on the global scene, this will boost tourism and the end product will lead to tremendous change of the town in terms of business hence long term plans to be set up to cater for the same


Economic environment

In this it include factors like the power to purchase of goods or the ability of consumers to spend. This will be heavily affected due to the fact that with the increased traffic or inflow of people to the town as the preparation for the upcoming events the cost of goods and services is bound to rise as the demand will go quite up and with such a small town, it will strain every organization. The result of this is the purchasing ability goes quite high hence the necessary action as an organization is to ensure there is adequate supply for the expected demand to avoid the event of a shortage.

Technological environment

This mainly entails all the technology applied in a certain type of business and industry in relation to the time and age or is it up to date. The technology used by the organization should be ensured to be as up graded as possible to ensure that it will be able to match or at least cater for all new expected inflow of traffic and be very user friendly in terms of the client base. By ensuring this it will reduce the chance of missing a great business opportunity due to the lack of technological ability. Hence the best action is to ensure the organization has modern technology for ease of function.

Demographic profiles

This is very crucial in any situation and it simply means that there are different types of people and they all can be classified in the form of race, skin tone, height, age, or sex. Due to these variations sometimes people want different products and services. The appropriate action to take is ensure a profiling is done on the expected arrivals for the event and what may be their personal preferences in terms of services or goods due to varied needs and ensure that its well taken care of  so as to have  products for all persons expected. Some of the factors to also not forget will include the change in trends due to such events and how it will affect organization are they positive or negative and what are some of the contingency measures to put in place. To be included will be translators to ensure situations don't arise where the problem of communication comes up.

Cultural environment

This is very tricky as most people have varied culture s and beliefs especially if they do not come from the same region geographically. Yet this is most crucial when planning for such competitions like Olympics as people who attend normally come from different parts of the world. By this they shall expect the treatment to be given to consider their culture, practice or religious beliefs which may shy upon some activities that may be normal. Due to these the need to consider all these factors have to put in place and done so keenly to avoid losing a certain group of people due to conflicts of idea or practice. To ensure that doesn't happen, it's advised that personalized services in such events should be paramount as people will vary from the way they carry themselves to what they eat or wear and all these have to be considered.

Legal/political environment

This comes into play through the rules and regulations including by-laws set up by the government and local authorities in terms of the functions or services provided by the organization and how the same will be affected with coming of such a big event. If the relevant authorities plan to change the same then there is need to come up with measures to ensure that it's met. Failure of which can easily lead to loss of license to partake in any business and such can lead to irreparable effects on the organization because all organizations must work under the set regulations and policies and all should be adhered to the letter.


The world is slowly changing to use of energy with low carbon output or otherwise known as eco-friendly energy or green energy. Due to the fact that the world will be watching such a small town due to its hosting of such a large event, the need to portray corporate social responsibility and give a good image by resorting to such energy will be good and lead to special recognition for the organization hence an indirect and cheap exposure as a way of marketing itself to the expected visitors.

These are very important part of trade wand without them trade can't take place. So the suppliers to any organization should ensure that they alerted of the expected changes to ensure it's very steady and never runs out.

These include all the middlemen involved in any trade who act as a bridge between organizations and areas of market or demand. These have to ensure to be running smoothly for the ease of movement of goods and services of any organization. For this to happen a proper link has to make available to ensure all the expected traffic that brings along demand is well placed resulting in maintained trade.

It's very crucial to understand the environment as it will help in facilitating a few issues while reducing the risk of the organization being caught in a tight spot. Some of the issues why include:-

  • To prevent any future and unexpected liability and in any case for the occurrence of such, to have contingency measures.
  • Ensuring all the main and important parties are available for proper running of the organization and ensure the issue of under staffing doesn't arise due to being overwhelmed.
  • Result I a better public image which will result in more awareness on the activities of the organization and this transparency will attract many clients.
  • This if executed well will result in increased output hence better profits, this being one of the key goals of running any organization that is doing business .


The coming of such an event will require massive human resource to help in catering for the unusual traffic that is brought due the large event in this case the Olympics. The organizations activities and services are bound to increase leading to a massive strain on the staff of the organization. Due to these a temporary recruitment has to be done to avoid these which would easily lead to a drop in terms of quality in relation to the services offered. Coaffee, noted that one of the most difficult parts is managing all the events during such an event due to the competition and all the new factor


This is a good way of getting extra human resource in the organization. By this the organization to advertise for those interested in working with the organization on a voluntary basis to apply. Included in the advert is that it will be an enjoyable experience and will give an invaluable experience. After that is done they should undergo an initiation training to make them familiar with the organizations activities. The volunteers will be considered first in the organization wants to expand.


The event means that all kinds of people with different cultures, beliefs and practices. Due to this, all the staff in the organization have undergo a training on how to deal with foreigners as they normally deal with locals only hence to learn a different approach or learn to have a standard code that is accepted. After the training all the new have to be put under a more experienced manager who will monitor and coordinate all their activities during the peak time of the Olympics. The reason for training is guarantee the services by the organization will be not be affected but maintained throughout the period and even after.

Minimizing risk

The arrival of such an event will also bring about its fair share of disadvantages. First of all the increased traffic will lead to its security fears in the area. Hence the staff needs to be trained and given safety tips to avoid putting themselves in situations which will lead to occupational hazards as they will be on duty. If such an event occurs it will be a liability to the organization and due to expansion of activities to accommodate all the traffic the organization will already be stretched hence this should be avoided.


If the work to be done during the event is too much or too complicated and training new staff will take too long or too costly, the process of outsourcing is a viable option. Buy this is there is a task to be done a different firm can be given a contract to do same. This can be advantaged because the outsourcing will go to experts who will ensure a quality result in terms of work done.


An organization normally has a devolved management system to ensure a maximum output in terms of productivity. Hence the need to establish a committee or special task force to be in charge and come up with a strategy that will best suit the upcoming event.


The marketing is the way of ensuring you create awareness of the good and services offered by the organization and how to attract the clients to come for the same. The marketing plan that will be chosen to make sure it will be well implemented and successful. All this have to be properly and carefully planned to ensure success and by this a lot of factors will have to be considered.  The marketing process in normally a mix that will involve a combination of more than one skill and be affected by the following factors namely, products and services, the pricing, the distribution to be used and the methods of promotion to be employed. As Yosie states marketing will be very crucial as there will b e other organizations looking to capture both the old and expected clients hence need to create awareness on your existence and services offered

Sales approach

The approach to be used has to be established. This will either be a selective, individual or an open kind of sales. The timeline of this is another thing that needs to be established. How long will it ate and how much will it take, who will be targeted.  A research or study needs to be done to establish what the most demanded goods are during the time period.

To ensure proper marketing, the marketing process should be well mixed to ensure that the right signal and message is given instead of mixed and confusing messages. The best approach to this obviously through the marketing department is to ensure that the organization establishes a niche I the market and by this it will cut down on the competition as it will already have a share of its own in the market.


To alert the new incoming traffic due to the event the best way to do this is via the media. This can be in print media or written paper. Through the usual customers will be reached and new clients will be established

Brand building

The brand should be packaged in a manner to attract the target client. The factors to be considered are the foreseen tribulations and how the same will be evaded. The brand should be of quality and best in the market as most people tend to go for the best brands and with such an international event being hosted. The organizers will want to attract organizations to be offering quality products hence the selection of the firm due to the same.

Public relations

The need to be in touch with all the relevant parties in the industry is crucial, this is due to the fact that. The best approach to this publicity and by this it's always has an open door policy to all

People will feel part of the organization if they are always welcome.


The display of the available products will increase the awareness on the available products. By this the clients or customers can ask any queries about the services offered. The promotions will be either in terms of raffles, price packs where an array of goods or services is offered at a cheaper price than usual. One crucial point about the promotions is can be used along with other forms of marketing or used alone. Through this the sales will go up as the packages are more attractive and cost effective.

Internet marketing

Due to the technological advancements in recent years many people are always on the internet hence making it one of the best ways to reach the intended client as its cheaper and more guaranteed. This can be done by using the lots of interactive sites in the internet as many are always on the social networking sites where reaching people will easier.

Some of the services required during the marketing will include marketing gurus who may come up with innovative ideas which are custom to the organization. This collaborated with the ideas with marketing departments will result in ideas considering the geographical region and demography of the current and expected customers or clients.

Pull theory

This is a theory that is derived from the process of if you increase the sales by marketing the product directly to customers. According to Cuts this will result in the customers demanding more of the product from the retailers and they in return will ask for more from the producer of the specific goods and services and the end result will be the rise n product sales. This will be an appropriate action and theory to be used in this case but the other alternative may be combination theory.

Combination theory

The theory is that which is where you combine the pull theory above of creating demand with the 'push theory' which is one which the producers produce a lot of goods and push them into the market via retailers by promising them incentives if their sales go up resulting in increased sales. If the conditions are not clear and the expected factors can not be predicted, then this is the best way to go about it as it leaves no room for any other option.


The organization which mainly deals with production of goods while offering services will have to undergo a lot changes with the coming of the Olympics to the Bedfordshire town. This is because the event is a global event that will bring both policy and infrastructure change in the area. This is because the result of this will be increased competition and demand for goods and services. The organization will need to add more staff for to cater for the increased demands for services and contingency measures that will be taken to for the same. This will include increased output in terms of productivity in terms of goods and services. There will be need for marketing strategies and branding to ensure the organization gets maximum benefit from the same. The key to succeeding in this is the proper planning and setting up contingency measures to cater for all the change that will come along with such an event.


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