Free Analysis of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck Essay Sample

John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men is a story that widely defines what is meant by being humane.  Characters in Of Mice and Men confess, at one point or another, to have a dream based on one's lifestyle. It clearly reveals the sacrifice and ultimate ambition in fulfilling one personal dream. In this book Lennie, George and Curley's wife are seen to have dreams in which they fight to make them reality. George and Lennie have the dream that one day they will be able to own their own ranch. With the obstacles standing their way reveals nature portrayed by their dreams, sacrifice, loneness and dignity.  It is evident that Lennie who is mentally handicapped has greatly assisted George in the realization of owning a ranch. It is also ironical that Lennie is still seen as an obstacle towards George achieving his dream. George and Lennie find it hard to follow what the boss wants since there is little to show out of it. This clearly portrays that there is no independence while working in someone else ranch, since the boss has power over their lifestyles.

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Before her death, Curley's wife confesses of several dreams she will like to fulfil. Curley's wife has a dream that though very different in detail from George and Lennie still, it is considered to posses very similar desires to these other dreams.  It is very clear that Curley's wife have the desire of having companionship even though people do not seem to talk to her the way she talks. Discontented by her brusque husband, she relentlessly lurks around the storage place, trying to engage the workers in a dialogue. In her second part of her dreams, Curley's wife seems to parallel the desire within men to own their own land. She has a great desire of becoming a Hollywood actress. She imagines how interesting it would be to stay in big and nice hotels, own lots of gorgeous clothing, and have people always wanting to take a photograph of her. Both awareness and financial safety would have been hers. Like the men, she desires acquaintance, and also substance comforts, though the particulars of her dream be at variance from theirs.

In conclusion it is evident that George does not seem to have faith in achieving his dreams.  This is supported by the fact that he proves bitter crook who says that freedom, contentment and safety are not found in this life. Although, Curley's wife dies before her dream realization it is evident that her dreams made her gather the will to survive and to face a new day with confidence.


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