Free Analysis Essay Sample

Question 1

To some extent the writer has not been able to provide a clear introduction that outlines the purpose of the paper. The writer talks about two propositions for the solutions of the world poverty. What remains unclear is the nature of the problems affecting the people. It was important that the writer mentions the factors that are eminent across the board.

Question 2

The summary provided by the writer is helpful and can be used for further analysis rhetorical analysis. There is a clear mention of the two stories which act as two sides of a coin. There is a clear-cut mention of the solutions to the problems. This is helpful to the reader and any other analyst. 

Question 3

There is no clear analysis of the characters by the author of the writings. What the writer has provided is a summarized message contained I the writings. However, there is a little consideration to the ethos, pathos and logos. Quotations have not been consistently used. The writer has only managed to get the message presented then provided it in his/her own way without quoting.

Question 4

The key ethical issues provided by the writer in general shows the need to help the poor. Poverty stricken countries can easily come out of the situation through consistent help from countries that are developed. The strategies laid down by the authors of the articles are focused towards providing support to the poor. This seems to attract the attention of the audience since the main problem is mentioned and a possible solution highlighted.


The paper focuses on the main themes highlighted by the authors of the articles. The writer also tries to simplify the message provided by summarizing the contents. I like the way the main themes, which is poverty has been highlighted. The writer has clearly shown that issue requires urgent attention.


The writer is open minded and seeks to get clear cut solutions to the problem highlighted. The writer is keen to point out when an amicable solution has not been provided by the authors. The writer says a particular author's analysis is more realistic compared the other who only provides a single solution

Question 7

Characterization is important when it comes to summaries of different articles. It drives home the message being conveyed. The writer should focus more on the main points highlighted and provided suggestions that can be seen as necessary. Impressions and outline of the draft can be termed as good attempt, thought improvement is necessary.