Free Centre for Disease Control Website Essay Sample

The Centre for Disease Control is an operating component of the Department of Health and Human Services. This department is a cabinet arm of the United States government. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) aims to safeguard the health of all American citizens. The department also provides essential services to the general public. The motto of the HHS is to improve the health, safety and the well being of Americans.

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The CDC has quick links on its website for health and safety matters that are common so as to educate the public. Information on data and statistics, environmental health, emergencies and disasters, disease conditions and occupational health are all examples of quick links that are available on the CDC websites. Diseases and conditions is a link that enables the public and health professionals to have access to information on any disease or condition. This is very useful especially for prevention purposes because one can acquire information on how to lower the risks of contracting a communicable disease.

The CDC is a vital tool in the health sector because it seeks to maintain a good health status. It has four protection goals that encompass it mission. The CDC aims to completely eliminate disparities in health care provision that are defined by race, ethnicity, gender, socio economic status and disability status. These efforts will result in better health conditions for people who can't afford proper medical care. CDC is addressing the sex issues in health. This is by paying attention to the gay and lesbian community health wise. There are also campaigns to preventing diseases among women. People with disabilities have received a lot of support from the CDC to encourage healthy lifestyles and active roles in their community. The senior citizens have not been left out in the health protection goals. The old are being informed on how to live healthier and become stronger in their old age.  

I intend to use the CDC in the future as a source of medical information on any topic especially statistics concerning various health issues. The statistical information is well researched as the organization is international.


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