Free Minority Police Fraternal and Support Groups Essay Sample

The minority police fraternal and support groups are those groups that come together to help one another in times of any event. They rally their strength in their numbers because they are lowly populated in a given area. In counties such as America this groups are common because of the black's minority and in other regions the religion has caused emergence of such groups. In the work places, where gender equality has not been observed due to the nature of work such as the law enforcement agencies, women are in smaller numbers and this has led them to form groups of their own. The organization researched is national black police organization which defines black not to mean color but the people opposed to racism.

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The main objective of national black police is to promote good race relations and equity of emerging opportunities within the police service of the United Kingdom and the greater community. In this organization they work to place the needs of the minorities and also defend the members from discrimination. The specific role is that they ensure the members are accorded similar opportunities as the other people in the same organization in terms of promotions among others.

Such organizations are seen to be racist in that they are a majority in the members because they have something in common and this is that they are a minority group. The groups also face opposition from the minority who sees them as a favored group. They also suffer funding constrains. The advantage of being in such a group is that the voice of many is better than that of one of them and by this members fill protected. It's easier to raise funds for a member than when a minority is on his own, this is mainly the common in case of an emergency.


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