Free Social Responsibility Essay Sample

Criteria of my personal choice to selecting the best employer will base on the good working environment. The working environment should be of good standards. This means that, the employer must know the welfare of the employees and give correct working equipments for the job. This reduces accidents and death in the working place. The employer must also provide competitive benefits to the employers. This will not only attract but retain best employers for the specific jobs. Companies that do not provide a better package tend to loose good workers and this increases costs in terms of recruitment process.

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The job must be enjoyable and it should be that which employees enjoy to go to work on daily basis. There should be no strict time of going to work. This makes it a routine thus making the work too boring.  This attracts more innovations and makes the employees to have an open mind. The co workers should be friendly and ready to work as a team. The team that is ready to listen to new ideas and come up with various challenges. This will attract more ideas in the organization thus opening doors to new opportunities. The co workers must be ready to appreciate individuals work to motivate other workers more.  The last criteria but not the list is that the employer or the managers must be able to accept communications that comes from down to up. There should also be communication that goes across different departments.  


Coca cola company

Tiffany Company

Intel Company

The company tend to be improving year after year due to the colleagues being open to their partners ideas

The company provides incentives to employees and give allowances to best performer

They believe in technology and that this is the only way of solving problems that are being faced in today's world.

Their innovations come through keeping their minds open and ready to accept new ideas. They accept and try out new approaches in the market.

The brand name is well known. This allows the customer to have confidence with the product being sold.

Through designed products, the company is able to maintain a higher level of performance.

Coca cola provides a competitive environment for the workers. It has come up with a coca cola university which is a one stop university and many researches are conducted in the university.

There is a collaboration that involves both the expertise and the colleagues. Their main purpose is to ensure that the employees work in a wide range of people. 

Through collaboration with the local community and other business partner, the company is able to remain buoyant in the market for so many years. They also collaborate with the government so as to get assistance from the government.

The company being the market leader in the industry, they motivate their team through giving a competitive incentives o their employees.

The manager accept a dialogue incase of any mistake done by a junior staff.

The company is passionate and values their success. They take various responsibilities at different levels.

The company has maintained a clear communication of their purpose. This communication is both vertical and horizontal.

There is good communication between the management and the subordinate staffs.

Availability of leaves to all the employees


From the analysis, it is preferable to work with coca cola company since their brand is globally known, so the employer do not have a hard time in define the brand to the customers. This quickens the selling process. The company has been in the market for the last 125 years. This has accumulated loyal customer and trust has also been acquired. The company also has a very competitive compensation scheme.  They also give incentives to their employees and this attracts more people with different ideas to the organization.  Tiffany Company comes second in the rank. This is because, it is the leader in its industry and the employees' grievances are listened to. There is availability of leaves to all the employees.


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