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The company of choice is Wal-Mart Stores that exists in the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS). Wal-Mart Stores is a top company within the Retail industry and it concentrates in General Merchandisers with Discount Stores, Neighborhood Markets, and Super centers. The company has categorized its general business activity and the commercial enterprise or the principal products as being division of the Retail Industry. Considering the main purpose of GICS classifications, it is determined that it aims at enhancing the overall investment research and significant asset management process. Such kinds of information are made for financial professionals all over the globe. This provision makes the company to be more inclined to this industry, since it has a description that is more related to Retail industry. It is believed that the Global Industry Classification Standard has the result of frequent discussions with the individuals who owns asset, investment analysts, and the portfolio managers. Such involvement is based on the global aspects and is considered to react to the needs of the global financial community for the purpose of accuracy, absolute and standardized industry characterization.

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The company's mission statement is as follows; "Our mission is to enhance and integrate our supplier diversity programs into all of our procurement practices and to be an advocate for minority- and women-owned businesses." Considering the background of the mission statement, it is clearly indicated that the company's brand and the overall industry are incorporated within the business. Through this, it is clearly known that Walmart has redesigned Great Value of packaging graphics to create a consistent, recognizable look throughout the store, making it easier for customers to find their favorite products. The new Great Value packaging offers easy-to-read nutrition labels and more appealing food photography. Walmart also condensed packaging when possible as part of the company's sustainability goals.

The management of the company is so certain a bout the overall quality of its Great Value products, and this has been guarantees every product. The company has pledged to continue with its focus on quality through a new Quality Monitoring Program. Such programs will provide a, continuing assessment of the quality of products from the factory itself to the shelves for storing.

In the real sense, Walmart is enhancing its quality assurance with a staffed toll that's a free number for product investigation. Walmart is requesting customers to have a chance and share their favorite Great Value items. To achieve this, the consumer is being encouraged to rate the products and offer reviews efficiently. The product re-launch is starting the majority of products that normally appear on the shelves of the company, and this is taken by the end of May every year.

Wal-Mart Stores has been found to be quite interesting since it appeared in the 2008 Fortune 500 Company listing. Fortune is an American business magazine that every year it compiles, positions and finally publishes a record of the top 500 United States public companies on foundation of their gross revenue. This Top Fortune 500 Company list presents facts and information over the top companies and their overall contributions that have been made to the overall economy of the United States of American to the Fortune magazine readers. Companies that are incorporated in the United States and whose revenues have been made publicly available are eligible for being included in the annual Top Fortune 500 Company list.


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