Free Analysis of Popular Magazines Essay Sample

Magazines are publications, generally published on a regular schedule, containing a variety of articles. They are financed by advertising, by a purchase price, by pre-paid magazine subscriptions, or all of the three. The publishers target a specific market segment which can be either women, men, the youth or adults in general. In this essay, I focus on Vogue Magazine which targets women and GQ Magazine which targets men.

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Most female magazines appeal to members of this gender by focusing on contemporary fashion and discussing sexuality openly a feature also common in men magazines in addition to cars, gadgets and a few current affair articles. In order to sell, each magazine tries to portray its target gender as the most important and relevant in the modern world.

Both magazines use high quality pictures of models in order to be attractive and put the emphasis that they are fashion magazines. Whereas many feminine magazines post a large percentage of female photos, most masculine do post a mixture of both female and male model pictures even though most show pictures of nude women to appeal to a larger audience. They both aim to portray to their target market that their gender is the sexiest by use of pictures of evidently very beautiful models and also showing females with pleasant body curves or men with well-maintained masculine bodies. Advertisements and interviews are spread throughout the magazine to avoid having a lot of text on one single page which would make them less appealing.

Most of these magazines are bought by young people especially between the age of 18-35 years old. Since most of the products advertised are high end making them not to be affordable to majority of the readers, many buy the magazines for entertainment and aspiration purposes. Reading the magazines gives them a sense of having a lot of money and living good lifestyles.


Even as these magazines may have their differences, they all seek to fulfill the expectations of their target market by providing the best in terms of content and material used. It should also be noted that feminine magazines can be read by men and vice versa since most of the articles presented can be used as a source of knowledge to be able to understand the other gender.


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