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The article analyzed in this paper is “Harry Potter: should parents allow their kids to watch it” by Harden, 2007. The article focuses on the needs for the protection of children from watching material that can be harmful; in the sense that the material will distort their morals and character. Many churches have been opposed to watching such movies as Harry Potter arguing that they encourage witchcraft and evil ideas. However, other people argue that children who reach seven years are able to reason effectively and hence can be allowed to watch the movie.

To Roosenberg the movies are a clear and simple means to make children understand the fight between evil and good and that those who good will always be triumphant. The movie brings into focus how society should be and thus children who watch are likely to be of good character. Most importantly, is that the movies allows children to read the books on the movie and develop their imagination and creativity.

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Argument analysis

The article’s titles says it all and the argument is greatly debated in this article, the good and the bad effects of watching Harry Potter movies have been explained. Those who oppose the movies are mainly the religious persons from the Catholic Church. The author is supportive of the idea that children be allowed to watch the movies. He is very categorical in identify the religious leaders who oppose these movies and goes ahead to clearly state the benefits associated with watching them. He has a good basis on his arguments and is very clear on the effects that can be proven and are true. He does not rely on heresy but on actual facts that can be clearly observed.

The writer can be given the benefit of doubt in assuming that all children need to watch the movies; in that he considers all the relevant issues pertaining to the movie and the benefits to the children. For instance, he expounds on such benefits such as the fight between the good and evil in the movie which is the main theme. In addition, he explains that the movie develops self esteem and good character among the children; this is effective in ensuring that the children follow the set rules and regulations. He also adds that the movies have books written about them and hence when they are read by the children they will develop a good reading culture and a boost to their imagination.

The writer also encourages the parents to be a guide to their children as they watch the movie and also quotes that it is on the list of recommended books by the same religion that oppose it. He greatly opposes the idea that children who watch the movie will be obsessed with sorcery, witchcraft, curses, potions, and charms and thinks that this is a notion that cannot be true. He argues that the movies and the books have great teachings about love, friendship, courage and family values.

He uses a friendly and authoritative tone to assert that the movie is safe to be watched by children and should be a general exhibition. He is however cautious to state that parents have the right to take charge of their children and thus should follow the rules in the movie. Thus if the movie is rated then parents should restrict their children. This friendly tone is very effective since it greatly brings out the need to allow children watch the Harry Potter series.

The writer is very professional in his article in that he gives advice based on facts; he is a great counselor and a fair critic of ideas. He is in support of children developing positive character and a good social change.


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