Free Comedy of Errors Essay Sample

The production of the comedy of errors is a composition of mistaken identity as well as slapstick most commonly associated with a theatre show. For instance, the comedy is mixed with elements of farce as well as several opportunities that are popular with the audience. The production, in my view, characterizes a low comedy that is envisioned in improvisation, farce, stock characters and stylized costumes. The features and characters in the play depict the era and time at which it was played.

In supporting the production as being theater driven, the stage is shallow and wide, and can be seen in front of the screen. One can easily note that the setting easily allows the characters in the comedy could easily enter and exit the scene of play. As a result of the several audiences present to watch the short play, there was limited space that the actors were left to work with. The comedy of errors brings into action musical analysis, farce and ballet that uplift the background into a brilliant production. The production further illustrates intimations of a disturbing and tragic story.

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Love and marriage: The production seeks to speak about love and marriage in the human context. This relationship can be depicted between Antipholus E and his wife Adriana. There is still the speculation over the engagement of Luciana and Adriana. Like many society, Adriana is not in a happy marriage relationship. She continues to love her husband without any doubt despite the fact that there are some instances that she believes to be wrong. It is typical to state how human experience witnesses the jealousy that Adriana adopts over her husband relationship with the Courtesan.

Debt within the society: The play uplifts the theme of debt as evident in the society in form of social or marital obligations and material debt. The first instance illustrated by this theme is when Egeon incurs several debts as a result of being in the wrong place. This is seen as the play opens up. It is possible to witness the typical law that was created in relation to debts how the City of Syracuse was indebted to the City of Ephesus. People who live in debt develop an aspect of fear, distress, jealousy and deception as is identical to the relationship between Syracuse and Ephesus. The resulting environment can therefore not accommodate friendship and love for they are all banished with the debt.

There is also the aspect of Antipholus E neglecting his marital obligations. Antipholus E is noted as being emotionally disturbed by the lack of meeting his obligations to her wife. The failure to meet marital obligations witnesses Antipholus E being locked out of his house by the wife. As a result, Antipholus suggest that his wife is not loyal to him and decides to enter an engagement with the Courtesan whom he gives the chain.

The identity: being part of a family is something greatly cherished in our communities. Living in the absence of both parents makes us lose our identities and cultural values. This was the case with Antipholus S who sees as having lost his identity when he was separated from his mother and brother. The identity of both Antipholus is seen as being shaken up with one questioning his identity while the other loses what makes his identity.

Sets: The play revolves around two sets of identical twins that were separated while they were still at a tender age. The reunion is accidental as it is surrounded by a lot of absurdity. The two sets of twin in the play create an opportunity of tragedy in the play with the audience remaining confused with the characters before the comedy comes to a happy ending. The happy ending depicts Emilia bringing out the set of twins and in which the she confesses as being the lost wide of Egeon. The revelation at the end through the set of twins brings reconciliation between the various factions.


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