Free Ecological Footprint Essay Sample

Ecological footprint is a parameter used in measuring the amount of resources used by an individual. The movie Ecological Footprint by Wackernagel address a number of issues that will help in reducing disparity in utilization of land among other resources. In order to realize a reduction in one’s ecological footprint, it is advised to narrow down the consumption of energy. This is achievable by using energy saving bulbs and supplementary means to expel darkness.

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Therefore, it would be very important to turn off electronic systems that are not in use since this would reduce the power consumption. Purchasing low energy consuming appliances will in turn lead to low energy consumption. Notably, the transport industry has significantly increased ecological footprint since the middle class and the nobles instead of using public means tend to cruise in personal cars to the workplace or other destinations  that tend to be expensive and have great negative impacts on the environment. Even though it may be inconveniencing to use public means of transport, it would be ecological to adopt its use.

Furthermore, food production will relieve an individual from his or her ecological footprint by growing crops such as vegetables among other that will reduce the burden of buying food. In addition, luxuries have intensively contributed to the increase in ecological footprint, and this could be managed by taking holiday’s strips at the nearest suitable restaurants rather than taking trips to foreign countries. Additionally, ecological footprints could be reduced using the following R’s that include reuse, reduce, and recycle. One should reduce the amount of the resources he or she uses by purchasing minimal packaging items. Moreover, one should reduce or evade the products he or she does not use. Furthermore, one should employ the reuse of empty containers and take advantage of shifting stores.

Finally, one should try to recycle used items for the thrift stores to reduce purchases on new products. Generally, proper management of resources is beneficial to the economy and society. 


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