Free Program Evaluation Essay Sample

The impacts of a program are through the vivid examination that is important and should be done once a program starts for it to be done. Evaluation should consist of data collection and analyzing the progress of the program as this contributes to the effectiveness of the program in order to obtain support for program continuation and benefit many.

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For every program to run a huge amount of money is involved for cost analyses are very crucial so as to collect information on the input and the out put of the program’s capital.  These costs includes both the direct and the indirect costs such as the salaries and wages of employees, donated value of time and materials, facilities and equipments that are purchased to aid in the programs’ implementation.

Among the youths cost, analyses are key in order to implement their programs that range from 74% to 90% of the greater part of the total direct program costs incurred to sustain the program operations. This evaluation is merged with experimental impact per client with the performance indicating the cost of achieving the set program goals and objectives.

Cost analyses also are evaluated through the cost incurred per service such as the cost of a counseling session per client. It is based on impact evaluation at the cost of different outcomes thus, involves a lot of service providers.  To differentiate the fixed costs and variable costs are needed so as to estimate marginal cost to get the actual cost of a specific unit of service per client.

The costs are the level of outcome achievements specified by the performance monitoring documents  thus, the justification of costs are based on opinions outcomes are attributable to the program. Cost effective is used to compare costs of different approaches of many programs so as to give the same level of standards when using different modes of service. However, cost is a basic factor to consider when evaluating a program.


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