Free Racism in the Society Essay Sample

A culture of racism is demonstrated within the movie whereby there are two races that seem not agar well with each other. Racism is portrayed as the culture passed on to generations and hence forming a solid culture in this society; the film greatly affects or rather has a great impact on social and economic state of any given country. When somebody carries a grudge even to the coming generations of the persons or a community he or she looks down upon many feel such people are insane. The most peculiar thing regarding this kind of personalities is the level of racism that's apparent in each one of them. It is common to see a very old man yelling insults at young black kids who happen to meander onto "his" property accompanied by his allies and family. Though this culture of Racism is rampant in the society not forgetting other countries as well, this doesn’t imply all are racists for it depends with the personality and perception of an individual.

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The primary conflict between the two major characters is racism and injustices taking place as a result. What eventually brings them together is the marriage between their children. In the Film Monster’s Ball , Hank a son of an extremely racist man  stopped by to help the son of a widow(whose husband died at the hands of his father) who was hit by a car  while it was raining. Looking at this scenario, it’s conspicuous that having the conception that Hank an individual born and brought up in a racist family can be that sympathetic to give a helping hand in such a situation which involves a son of a black widow. This is believable for not all reason in the same way and further each and every person is created in his or her own way. "Monster's Ball" not being the kind of usual love movies produced weekly by Hollywood is to a large extent more than just love. What these two lonely personalities needed was company and someone to be at their side at the time of need as a result they were compatible to the best. When you find someone who understands your feelings, actions, emotions even without being perturbed about your financial needs might be because he or she cannot fix it happiness comes. Consequently life changes and a new dawn knocks.

The director creates realism in the mise-en-scene. The events in the film aid us into seeing an enormous transformations of characters with both diverting the expectation that both the races in this film are always on collision course. Bearing in mind the fact that Hank’s hate for Sonny in the film ‘Monster’s ball’ was to an epic degree’ sonny (the prison guard) eventually died and Hank had to find a way to drastically change his life. The instant   repercussions of Sonny’s death  was a total frustration to Hank to the extent of talking bad to the preacher performing Sonny’s funeral just to return home to lock Sonny’s bedroom to get rid of remembering him. Though marriages or even intermingling between different races are not generally accepted in most western countries this Film’s story is a unique one considering it was acted many years ago. Racism being like a chronic disease to combat it might be a problem unless each and everyone dedicate him or herself to do away with. 


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