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They make use of Compound-Complex Sentences. These are sentences made up of two or more self-determining clauses in addition to one or more reliant clauses. They can be set in these ways: (Subject Verb and Subject Verb because Subject Verb.) or (Because Subject Verb, Subject Verb, but Subject Verb.) paragraph three "They did not belong to those generations of prostitutes created in novels with great and generous hearts dedicated because of the horror of circumstances to ameliorating the luckless barren life of men "paragraph one "From here his 10000 troops could be hurried to meet whatever developed in any direction, either up where they had just come from or down at Corinth or down in Memphis". Paragraph two "eight hours later a violent snowstorm wiped out the trail and butcher trying to find her way through the wind and cold veered ten miles off course".

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One independent clause in addition to one or more reliant clauses. They can be arranged in these ways: (Subject Verb because Subject Verb.) or (Because Subject Verb, Subject Verb.) or (Subject, because Subject Verb, Verb.) Connectors are at all times at the commencement of the reliant clause. They illustrate how the reliant clause is connected to the independent clause.. Paragraph one: "In the 1985 Iditarod, she held off a pregnant moose for one night waving and poking an ax as the starving animal kicked and stomped for her team". Paragraph three"Neither were they the sloppy inadequate whores who unable to make a living at it alone turn to drug consumption" paragraph two "Fortunately Dewey Haverlson another competitor came along and shot the irate mouse but not before it had killed two dogs injured thirteen others and bruised Butcher's shoulder."


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