Free Heart of Darkness Analysis Essay Sample

The story "Heart of Darkness" was written and published in England in 1898-1899. The author of this story Joseph Conrad was inspired by his journey through the Congo in 1890 and the experience that he had. The story "Heart of Darkness" is based on a man called Marlow who is an introspective sailor, and his journey along the Congo River to meet Kurtz. There are however other supporting characters in the story and their main role are to help put bring out the main theme in the story. In the story he (Marlow) has been portrayed as being intelligent and an open minded character. Because of his experience that he has gained by sailing to different parts of the world, he possesses great geographical knowledge about different regions and the cultural practices of the people.

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According to Scholasticus imperialism is one of the phenomenon's that shaped the world and it helped in the process of modernization as well as civilization; this however is not the case that was brought out by the author of the story "Heart of Darkness". During the pre colonial period, most of blacks especially in Africa were turned into slaves for the whites. Most of them became slaves in their own countries and they were forced to work in the mining fields and farms that had been illegally acquired by the wealthy white. It is for this reason that the author of the story "Heart of Darkness" came up with the theme of hypocrisy of imperialism as the main theme in the story. In my personal view, I tend to agree with the author and disagree with sentiments echoed by Scholasticus, the world superpowers used the pretence of helping the third world develop not only to enslave the Africans in their own home but they also used the opportunity to explore their natural resources.


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