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The title of the book is 'Learning response'. The setting that is the research on learning response took place in the New Jersey by Anyon, Jean. Anyon carried out research study on students' educational experience in the different social classes. Anyon sampled five schools in New Jersey to represent the type of education given to students who come from various social classes.

In his study, he categorized these schools as working class schools, middle class, affluent, professional school, and executive elite schools. The point of fact is that many schools treat or teach students basing on their social class. Those students from wealthy communities receive a better education unlike students from poor communities. The kind of education given to students differ since well off families can afford to take their students to a better learning environment. Those from poor families go to schools where teachers do not concentrate on building their career into the required standards.

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The period of the story set was in an earlier time and the main characters, but it still depicts what the current education is all about in terms of social class. The main character in this story is Anyon though there are other characters such as Bowles, Bernstein, Michael, Bourdieu, and Gintis. These characters tried to give argumentation on the kind of education given to different student from various social classes.

The other characters such as Michael and Bowles tried to reveal how school hidden curriculum in schoolwork profound to theories, consequences, and daily activities in education. For instance, differing curriculum emphasizes different cognitive and behavioral skills basing on social setup. This leads to development of children to certain potential relations to physical, authority and work process. Some important things happened to Anyon because he was able to identify different emphases in classrooms through sampling, social class contexts. This lead to discovery of complex teaching methods in different schools thus a call for solutions in order to balance education curriculum in both poor and wealth economies.


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