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Steven E. Landsburg, an economics professor is a renown graduate from the University of Rochester whose popularity grows due to his contribution as a columnist in Forbes magazine, and Slate. His book More Sex is Safer: the Unconventional Wisdom of Economics is yet another masterpiece meant at invoking economic sensibilities in most humane manner. Any reader of his preceding literature, The Armchair Economist and regular readers of his columns will attest to the fact that the author has the ability of analyzing current economic issues with sense and style. This essay reviews the book with the intention of finding its relevance in the society today.

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The book is borrows heavily on daily comments on Slate with regard to economic factors that affect the society but cannot be envisaged without deeper look into the real factors. In the first chapter, Landsburg begins by asserting that if sexually inactive partners would be a little agitated for sex, then chances of contacting sexually transmitted infection would increase. He argues in favor of reduced sexual intercourse and likens the act to pollution, which requires policies to discourage. "The epidemic is the price of our permissive attitude towards monogamy, chastity, and other forms of extreme sexual conservatism,". The statement is relevant in the modern society in which technological advances at times work to the disadvantage of citizens. Children of tender age access pornographic materials from the internet, which further drive their sexual adventures against the will of a reduced sexual activeness as suggested by Landsburg. He also covers other cost saving mechanisms for general administration.  

In the succeeding chapters, Landsburg covers the political landscape where he is against the pork-barrel politics. The author urges in favor of extra vote that will enable voters to dismiss bad leaders via district vote casting. Political influence hides corruption and the ill act extends to the legal framework as Landsburg notes jurors' exoneration of convicts who commit felony back to the society. The proliferation of bureaucracies (or of unnecessary military bases) captures the communal-stream problem in a nut shell,". The author proposes review on electoral boundaries from the geographical perspective to number of voters per distinct. Although this could be a good idea, it also has the disadvantage that districts will sparse population will be larger than the size of normal districts. This will in turn increase access to vital administrative services. Landsburg also proposes that commissioners' pay should come from FDA funds while the president's salary should come from other investment dockets rather than public funds.

In chapter thirteen of the book, Landsburg gives yet other insightful self-control mechanisms to help humankind take focus on what is good and bad. There is no sense in locking up a room for hours in the pretence of an addiction at the expense of other responsibilities that one would have. According to Landsburg, "If I am willing to sacrifice an afternoon's work to Net-Surfing, Net-Surfing must be worth the sacrifice-so why should I stop myself from Net-Surfing?" the author also cites a number of other issues that should be under humankind's ability to control but they continue to overwhelm the society. Eating rightly is personal responsibility and when one takes more than what the body can accommodate, then an individual should not seek for help from another place.

In conclusion, the book is as interesting as the other books written by Landsburg. It is vital to note that the author uses irony, sarcasm among other figurative speeches so vividly that he conveys his message with ease. As such, he tackles hard economic issues within a simple manner that all readers can digest and make sense out of the insensible. The book is therefore a must-read for any reader who wants to look at economics of the day in another perspective.


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