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Persuasion as portrayed in chapters 19, 20, and 21 revolves around Anne, Captain Wentworth, Mr. Elliot, Mrs. Clay, Mrs. Smith and other minor characters. Anne was taking a walk with Croft and Mr. Elliot was attending Mrs. Clay and his two cousins when it started raining, because of this rain, Lady Dalrymple's carriage had to take Miss Elliot and Mrs. Clay home. It was at this time that Anne saw Wentworth walking down the road. She felt confused and went to the outer door to see if it rained, she was surprised to see the Captain enter with a group of some gentlemen and ladies. Captain was also confused when he saw her, he talked to her for a very short time and went away though he came back later and shared a lot with her. After some time Mr. Elliot came in to pick Anne and they walked away together. Through all these, Anne does not understand her feelings and she could only think of Captain Wentworth.
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The next day when Anne and her friend were in the street, she saw him from a distance and was so clued to him although she could not express her feelings to her friend. The only thing she wanted was a chance in the concert to have a little conversation with the captain. Her wishes bore fruits and when the captain came in, she had a golden chance to talk with him but their conversation was cut short by the arrival of the party they were waiting, she joined them and later found that captain had disappeared.

Anne was not happy about the disappearance of the captain but she somehow happily joined Mr. Elliot who told her that he knew a lot about her, after sometime, the Captain came in and wished her a good night. Mr. Elliot was jealous and Ann had to seek for a way to avoid him. She visited her friend Mrs. Smith the following morning and was happy to share all that took place in the concert. Mrs. Smith was keen enough to realize that Anne had had time with someone she considered special. When she was shown the letter which Mr. Elliot wrote to Mrs. Smith long ago, she came to learn of her acquaintance with Mr. Elliot and promises to talk to him about her although she was surprised by the idea that Mrs. Smith was told that she was going to marry Mr. Elliot. She also learnt that the claim that Mr., Elliot told her that he knew her long ago was true and it was through her that he knew Anne.

After they had talked a lot and Ann had known the true character of Mr. Elliot, she realized that she could have been easily convinced to marry him, she is now free to share more about Mr. Elliot with her friend Mrs. Smith.

The settings of this story is in a town particularly in three places, the first part takes place in Milsom street in a house where they had a shelter when it rained. The second part is in a concert room, where the evening was spent. Finally, the third scene is in Mrs. Smith's house where Anne and Mrs. Smith met and shared a lot about Mr. Elliot..

This has changed my opinion about Mr. Elliot's character as one who is very selfish and will do anything for his personal gains.


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